Thursday, May 7, 2009

why buy a farm if you can't use it for photos?

Just a little preview for Lorie.
Thanks for letting me borrow Natalee this afternoon.

Until Greg wiped off the tractor wheel, she wanted nothing to do with this photo spot.

This one is just Natalee being Natalee....she's not barfing, I promise. See her acting as if she is, while keeping her eyes on Greg for a reaction.

And a special thanks to Maggie.

Because, although these photos are not nearly a perfect as yours, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do in this lighting situation if it weren't for your class. It was 6:00 and the sun was in the process of setting in the west, which was to Natalee's left. The tractor was casting weird shadows, but I knew the best angle and a general idea of the exposure settings, so I told my entertainer (aka Greg) in which direction to entertain so the light could fall just right.


To answer your questions from my previous post:
  • We haven't been kayaking from our property yet, but we do have a map and have asked some friends to go with us week after next. Hopefully I'll have some good stories to share. Last time, we went, G and I took the canoe. I was in the front and he was steering in the rear. I kept thinking it was difficult to paddle and felt more muscle strain earlier than I normally do. Come to find out, G was letting me paddle and when I'd look back to talk to him, he'd put an oar in and pretend. So, next trip, we'll be taking separate kayaks.
  • If you'd like to order a Studio Calico tee, you can find them here.


lacey said...

thanks april! :)

Anonymous said...

April didn't mention that Greg was standing on the railing of the porch making faces and pretending to fall off every now and then to get Natalee to laugh! She thinks that everything that Greg does is funny!


Cassi said...

great shots! beautiful use of the light!