Tuesday, January 24, 2012

february kit sneaks!

I think I shouldn't even comment about how bad a blogger I've been. I could blame it on the 1st-trimester nausea and fatigue....or the week-long trip to Disney that was accompanied by a trip to the hospital for food poisoning.....or last week, Claire's hospital stay to run all kinds of tests only to find out we don't know what was wrong, but that she's better now. But, I should at least take a photo of my (HUMONGOUS) belly and post it here at some point, right?

Instead, I'll post some sneak images. I've been VERY busy scrapping over the past week with lots of project samples that needed to be made for the SC booth at the Craft & Hobby convention next week. So, most of my time was allocated there, which is why I only have 3 sneaks to show you for the February kit. There are so many new CHA releases here as well. Not from SC, but from American Crafts, Pebbles, Dear Lizzy, and several more Etsy shops with just-for-us items. Yay!

I saved my favorite layout and sneak for last. I tend to save my favorite for last, just like I eat my green beans first and save my potatoes for last. Always have, always will. I realized after photographing the layout that it's not a pretty on the screen as it is on my desk, but I will cherish it anyway.

Oh my....can I tell you how much I love the alpha stamp set in the STEPPING STONE add-on? It's my new favorite by a mile. I never thought Noah could be topped....but he has. It has both the negative and positive images in the set and I've already used it on several projects and having to hold back using it on more for fear I will over-use. We ordered more of this add-on than any other, but I still suggest you have quick fingers and head straight there on reveal day if you want it. And, do you see a peek at that awesome handmade butterfly from a favorite Etsy shop of mine? LOVE IT!

Okay, that's it until I show some more CHA sneaks next week!