Wednesday, February 23, 2011

march sneaks

At this point, I'm so happy to have completed 3 layouts for the March gallery. I like having deadlines and goals each much, yet there's so much I want to document for Claire. But so little time to do it in. Such is life.

I love this layout mainly because of the title. Claire was born on November 12, 2010. Love that. I made the layout above with the main kit plus Mossy Knoll.

Another Claire layout, this one made entirely with the main kit.

Lastly, another Claire layout made with the Wildflower add-on, worn lipstick ink, and Mister Huey White.

Kits go on sale for subscribers at noon on Sunday. Be quick!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

has it really been 3 months already?

You have changed sooooooooooo much since you were born.

Mainly in the cheek area.

I love how you've filled out and have such squishy cheeks and have kept those gorgeous blue eyes. Today, you weighed in at 12 lbs and measured 23.75". I had asked the doctor at your last appointment if you were gaining weight too fast. He said you were at a good weight, you just needed to double your birth weigh by 6 months.


I said, "Well she's almost there now!"

He assuaged my worries by telling me you were small at birth so it's just fine that you've gained what you have. Whew!

You have your daddy's long eyelashes and your mommy's funky eyebrows.

I'm sorry. Didn't mean to pass that along, but I'm afraid I have.
I'll purchase a good pair of tweezers for you tomorrow.

We still can't find socks that fit your feet AND stay on.

Attention Entrepreneurs: There is a market for cute socks that stay on infants' wiggly feet.

You are obsessed with your hands. They stay near your mouth most of the time (so hand-kissers, stay away from Claire please!). You study them and lick them.

You are obsessed with your mermaid toy and have become so much more verbal towards toys and people. When you're awake, you can be heard cooing and gooing almost constantly. I love hearing your sweet voice.

I can't believe how quickly these 3 months have passed and like Stephanie, I'm trying to enjoy "it" and soak everything in.

Also, I'm trying not to buy every cute hairband I find. THAT's the difficult part of having a girl for sure!