Monday, May 18, 2009

soccer season

Since I haven't posted about it, you might not have known that Greg is indeed coaching soccer again this season. We've had approximately 584 rain-out games and practices, so with the consistency, you can imagine how well the team of 6-year-olds are playing together.

So, now we're in full-swing with make-up games. They have a game tonight, one tomorrow, and one on Saturday. It's enough to make any soccer-parent (or spouse) go crazy.

Just wanted to leave you with a few shots of the game
The least they can do that now. Last season they had barely started kindergarten so a line-up was an abstract concept.
Levi & Devin goofing off.
Noah with G in the background.

And, since we didn't make any spectacular plays or anything, I turned my attention to Levi's brother, Sam, who was watching from the sidelines....and hamming it up for the camera.

Thanks for looking, and if you haven't already given me advice on the lens from my last post, please do. This is yet another situation where a telephoto lens would come in handy.


Finally, I must mention that I was SUPER-HAPPY to see my man, J.T. win Survivor. Well-deserved!


Houston said...

Cute kiddo photos, really you do take the best kid photos, probably because they want to ham it up for you and not their crazy parent who is always pointing a camera at them... not that I know anything about that ;)

Denise said...

Awesome photos! I instantly fell in love with the line up photo. Love the composition.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pics April.
I am so glad JT won too!! (he's such a spunk)