Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 months - we made it!

I find it so amazing how my love of my children just grows and grows every day, and as I get to know them better.  I'm sure it'll plateau at some point (maybe in those teenage years), but for now, I'm happy with the sleepless nights, full arms, and love beyond measure.

At 3 months Cal:
  • Is so much less fussy (not exactly an easy baby, but less a difficult one)
  • Still bows his back like you wouldn't believe
  • Is strong and can jump out of your arms really easily!
  • Loves the bumbo seat
  • Coos and smiles at his carseat toys (so SUPER cute)
  • Loves to blow bubbles (shown below)

At 3 months, Sam:
  • Still has gorgeous HUGE blue eyes.  At birth we said maybe he'd grow into them and he's beginning to, but they're still so beautiful and big.
  • Is such a happy baby.  He smiles constantly and loves interaction.
  • Is an insanely messy eater.  Oh my.  Make sure you have a burp cloth or two or 3 if you feed him a bottle.
  • Loves taking baths.
  • Is so content in the swing sometimes I forget he's there.  Just sometimes.

Love these 2!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Had such a good time playing with the October Scrapbook Kit, Card Kit, and Toe Stop add-on kit this month. Maybe it was the fact that the babies are sleeping much better and I'm feeling more and more like myself again, but I also think it was just a really fun kit to work with. I loved the colors and embellishments (hello exclusive enamel dots!) this time.
This is a card made from a hodge podge of my leftover kits.  LOVE that asterisk stamp from the Roller Rink Scrapbook Kit.

All items in the sneak above were made with the Roller Rink card kit.  It's already sold out on preorder, but do get on the waitlist so you won't miss out on the November Card kit goodies.

This layout was made using items from the Scrapbook kit and the ToeStop add-on.  LOVED how this turned out!

And this layout (and below) were made all with items from the Scrapbook kit, which is still available, but you'll need to preorder it.  Several exclusive items in this kit, four that you can see here are the enamel dots, Basic Grey alpha, wide washi tape, and vellum die cuts.

Claire's Tricks

Hope you get a good laugh from this one.
They're all working for some Babybel cheese here.