Tuesday, February 28, 2012

stinky face

Claire has a new trick.

We started practicing in the car. She can see me in the rearview mirror and on our daily excursions, we tried several different faces and settled on "stinky face." It probably came about when we passed a dead skunk, and I probably had a comment about it, which enabled the fun of it all.

Whatever the case, we moved our practice sessions to the high chair, and then out in public.

So, now, when we're in the grocery store, people passing by see this face:

And at church, before and after worship, she'll turn around and the 15 pews behind us see this face.

And when we kiss goodnight, we see this face:

And of course, when we wake up.

Basically everywhere. She's not shy about it. She knows it gets a good laugh and she loves the response.
And I have to admit, it is quite cute.

and it's every bit as precious as this look to me.

Hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

no time like the present

I'm here to share some sneaks as well as some belly photos.

This layout was made using a Pinterest pin as my inspiration, just something fun all the designers are doing this month. I pin so much and so do the SC members, that we felt it was time to put some of that awesome inspiration to use! I used the Atlas add-on only on this layout.

This layout was made using the Narrative and Atlas add-ons. I was really at a loss on this one and stepped back several times before finally settling on this design. So glad I took breaks along the way because I do like the end result.

And, finally my favorite layout this month made with the main kit only - STORY HOUR. The pinwheel was a decoration I made for our gender-reveal party.

Kits go on sale at noon EST on the 27th for subscribers and midnight for everyone else. Happy shopping!

LinkThis was my 20-week belly with Claire and some of my thoughts at the time.

A couple things to note...
  • There is no way i could fit into that hexagon shirt today.
  • I already had a name picked out....and right now we got nuttin' for these boys.

Below, my current pics of my 20-week belly.

I think I'm at a 14lb weight gain. I didn't document it at this point in Claire's pregnancy, but I'm definitely bigger in the belly area this time around.

I have come to terms with the fact we're adding boys to our family. I have some ideas brewing for their room, but first on the list is moving Claire to the smaller room since the boys will share.

We had another appointment and ultrasound today. Everything looks great and the boys are progressing well. Thanks for all the well-wishes on my last post.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

reveal night at my house

I had been pondering for weeks throwing ourselves a little gender-reveal party, but didn't know how I'd swing it between all the CHA hub-bub, Disney trip, and life in general. Then, when Claire and I both got sick this week, I definitely thought my chances were slim to pull this off.

So, instead of doing a major party (like mine tend to be), we decided to just invite a couple friends over for taco salad and desserts.

Here's the spread before everyone arrived:

The cakes were supposed to be yellow, but somehow the baker didn't see that in the photo I gave her, so they ended up white. (sigh)

A photo of Baby A. So cute, huh?

Pinwheels created on my silhouette and stuck on dowel rods.

Baby B. Another cute one, huh?

The pre-reveal ruckus

Claire showing off her snapping skillzzzzzzzz.

Cutting into the "Baby A" cake. Greg had already seen this one on the ultrasound...the little cheater, so I cut into this one.

The suspense.....

Finally....blue icing! A BOY!
To which Greg said, "You didn't see me, but when I got out of the ultrasound room, I did a fist-pump."

uhh.....Why did you tell me that?

Baby B cake.
The crowd awaits.

The crowd of 6...ha!


More blue icing. Another BOY!

I'm in shock. See my face? And honestly, my emotions have stayed exactly like that since last night. I keep saying, "Two boys?"

We're excited for the adventure. Now who needs some headbands and baby girl clothes?