Thursday, November 29, 2012

Silhouette Tutorial

Just logging in to post a quick tutorial for how I created this Silhouette file on my favorite layout this month. I designed some triangle strips in the Silhouette Studio software, then used pieces from the 34th Street kit and Murray Hill add-on to complete the design.
First, create a triangle freehand using the polygon tool. To make my triangle symmetrical, I just eyeballed it lining the cursor with the gridlines.

Next, I copy and pasted that shape repeatedly.
After you've drawn your row of triangles, highlight them all, then click the offset icon.
Last, simply weld the shape together.
Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 months - we made it!

I find it so amazing how my love of my children just grows and grows every day, and as I get to know them better.  I'm sure it'll plateau at some point (maybe in those teenage years), but for now, I'm happy with the sleepless nights, full arms, and love beyond measure.

At 3 months Cal:
  • Is so much less fussy (not exactly an easy baby, but less a difficult one)
  • Still bows his back like you wouldn't believe
  • Is strong and can jump out of your arms really easily!
  • Loves the bumbo seat
  • Coos and smiles at his carseat toys (so SUPER cute)
  • Loves to blow bubbles (shown below)

At 3 months, Sam:
  • Still has gorgeous HUGE blue eyes.  At birth we said maybe he'd grow into them and he's beginning to, but they're still so beautiful and big.
  • Is such a happy baby.  He smiles constantly and loves interaction.
  • Is an insanely messy eater.  Oh my.  Make sure you have a burp cloth or two or 3 if you feed him a bottle.
  • Loves taking baths.
  • Is so content in the swing sometimes I forget he's there.  Just sometimes.

Love these 2!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Had such a good time playing with the October Scrapbook Kit, Card Kit, and Toe Stop add-on kit this month. Maybe it was the fact that the babies are sleeping much better and I'm feeling more and more like myself again, but I also think it was just a really fun kit to work with. I loved the colors and embellishments (hello exclusive enamel dots!) this time.
This is a card made from a hodge podge of my leftover kits.  LOVE that asterisk stamp from the Roller Rink Scrapbook Kit.

All items in the sneak above were made with the Roller Rink card kit.  It's already sold out on preorder, but do get on the waitlist so you won't miss out on the November Card kit goodies.

This layout was made using items from the Scrapbook kit and the ToeStop add-on.  LOVED how this turned out!

And this layout (and below) were made all with items from the Scrapbook kit, which is still available, but you'll need to preorder it.  Several exclusive items in this kit, four that you can see here are the enamel dots, Basic Grey alpha, wide washi tape, and vellum die cuts.

Claire's Tricks

Hope you get a good laugh from this one.
They're all working for some Babybel cheese here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cal & Sam

After several trips to the hospital, this one finally had the result we wanted: two healthy boys.

Look at them all stretched out, finally with room to move!  I'm just so happy.  Overwhelmed, but happy.

On Friday night, I went to the hospital because I was concerned about my blood pressure.  It had been 119/something at my doctor visit on Thursday and that was high for me.  I had swollen more and was having lots of contractions, so we decided to go in.  When we arrived, I was hooked up, and my blood pressure was in the mid-120s to mid-130s, so not bad, but definitely elevated, but I was in pain and that contributed to it.  After my contractions slowed, they released me early the next morning. 

Saturday, I was able to attend a fundraiser I had been working on during my bedrest for a wonderful organization that financially assists adopting couples.  I was on my feet quite a bit and it was a thrill to be there and help meet people who also believed in the same cause.

Sunday, I was even more swollen, so I went to Walgreen's to have my BP taken on the way to lunch.  In no pain, it was 133/93, so that had me concerned.  I called the doctor and he wanted me to go in to the hospital for some bloodwork and a 24-hour urine analysis.  The next evening, we turned in my brown jug of urine (quite possibly one of the grossest things I've ever done in my life).

Tuesday, I was on a business call when I got a couple beeps from a local number I didn't recognize.  It was the doctor's office calling with the results from my bloodwork and urine tests.  They called Greg, my emergency contact, and he took the message to go to the hospital for some follow-up tests.  When I got off the phone, he woke up Claire and told me we needed to go to the hospital for bloodwork.  Thinking I was just going to be stuck with a needle, I decided to call Lorie anyway and see if we could drop Claire off since it's not the most convenient to have an 18month-old in the Labor & Delivery department.  I'm so glad I did!

When we got to the hospital, I was told to get into a gown...not what I expected for bloodwork. I was there for a full preeclamptic workup.  At that point, my contractions were about 1-5 minutes apart, but I fully expected them to stop.  This was ongoing every night...they'd start, be painful, be close together, then around 11:00pm, they'd fade away.  I seriously wanted an epidural nightly for the last 2-3 weeks. 

Later that night, we learned I'd be started on Pitocin at 5:00am Wednesday since my platelets were a little low.  After that began, I immediately asked for my epidural.  Once I got it, I could still feel my legs and everything.  I kept telling the nurses I didn't think it was working.  As the pitocin was added, I could DEFINITELY tell the epidural wasn't working.  It wasn't until 8:30am that I got another epidural, and at 9:09am, Cal came.  I got to hold him for a split second and then it was time for Sam to come.  On a recent ultrasound, he was head-down, but apparently had flipped at this point and was coming breech.  Thankfully, he came quickly and was born at 9:11am.

Cal Wesley | 9:09am | 6lbs 1oz | 19" long
Sam Alexander | 9:11am | 5lbs 5oz | 18.75" long

They are both doing so well, and we're so happy to have them home and healthy.  After their follow-up doctor visit today, Sam continues to be the champion eater and Cal is gaining as well.  We just can't wait to get to know these little guys.  Claire is adjusting as well.  I don't even think she remembers life before the boys now.  She's so sweet to them, but could definitely do some unintended damage, so we're keeping a close eye on that.

Their middle names are both family names.  Wesley is my adopted grandfather and Alexander is my maiden name.  Claire's middle name, Thomas, was from Greg's grandfather, so we're trying to keep it fair :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hope you're enjoying the Heyday Arrival party!

I love the feel of this collection so so so much.  So warm and fresh for summer. 

The only items I used here that aren't part of the Heyday collection are:
  • White Mister Huey
  • Glossy Accents
  • Foam Dots
  • Precision Pen
  • Twine from a kit
I should mention there was a delay in production of the Hexagon Mask, so put it on your shopping list to purchase later....I think July.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

June Sneaks!

Wow, it's been a busy bedrest.
There's lots of downside to being bedridden, but I must say it's been nice to tackle some projects that have needed to be addressed for awhile (hello employee handbook and organizing personal photos since 2010 - thank you, work on a new project that's benefiting families trying to adopt (organizing a fundraiser for,  and just get some Studio Calico work under my belt.

I'm 32 weeks 4 days today and I've gotten permission from the doctor to remove myself from bedrest at 34 weeks.  By then, both boys will be over 2000g, which is a major milestone and likely won't have to spend any time in the NICU.  Of course, my activity will be limited, but no more laying down all day will be such a nice change!!!  I'm still hoping to make it to 36-37 weeks although I feel like I might just bust right now.  How the body expands is an amazing thing.

Enough about me, here's some fun sneaks for June's Studio Calico kit.  I really think you'll like this month's kit.  It's the first time in a long time I got all 4 add-ons.  I loved everything about them including the stamps.  Also, if you're not already a subscriber, you need to be!  This main kit will sell out super fast (May's sold out in 2 days and this one will likely sell out in less than a day), so email to start your sub with this fabulous kit.  You'll have an opportunity to purchase add-ons 12 hours early as well!

This layout made with the main kit only.  I love that number paper from Echo Park, plus the exclusive arrow stamps and alpha designed by Studio Calico.

A sneak from the Newport add-on.  I really love the stamp set in this kit.  The white woodgrain cardstock comes in the main kit and using regular ink with the set, it makes the pattern pop.  Oh my!  Nicole Harper used chalk inks without a stamp to accentuate the pattern on the paper and it's gorgeous, too!

This layout was made with the Venice Beach add-on.  Love those Jillibean alphas and especially the washi tape!

Another look at the same layout with the same add-on.

At first glance, this was my favorite stamp set of the entire bunch this month.  Love that pinked circle and this Santa Monica add-on has phrases you can stamp inside.  I chose to use just the circle to accentuate the date stickers.

Last, but not least, my favorite layout this month made using the main kit plus the Malibu add-on.  Those hexagon stamps are amazing! The largest measures 4" and I used the 2nd largest here along with the stamp press to make sure the stamp was even and pretty.  LOVE everything about this layout and the add-on....this might be my favorite add-on, too.

Good luck and best wishes for fast fingers on the 27th!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

week in review

I'm 28 weeks now, so 6 weeks spent on bedrest.  In many ways, it's flown by, but thinking of another 6 weeks almost seems insurmountable.  The more uncomfortable I get, the harder it gets, but I've been staying incredibly busy, so at least the majority of my time isn't spent in self-pity. 

  1. Easter - Claire loved "hunting" for eggs, but didn't want to carry a basket at all.  Didn't even want a personal basket holder, so she spent the entire afternoon holding 2 eggs.  When she'd find a 3rd, she'd choose which of the two she wanted to give up and leave it right there in the grass.  Fun times.
  2. Claire's Stinky Face book. The drawings are incredibly intricate, but they hold her attention at least for a few seconds.
  3. My sweet girl, all cuddled up requesting some "Pooh."
  4. She doesn't go far without "Lella."  And, let me tell you, the girl has eagle-eyes.  She even spotted a Cinderella mat at Lowe's of all places with her Daddy yesterday.
  5. Ready for a nap.
  6. While we were eating dinner, Claire snuck into the living room and climbed up on the table to get a better vantage point on her Little People.  She was quiet as a mouse for 15 minutes, totally engrossed in moving people from one seat to another.
  7. Snack time.  Bananas are a favorite around here.
  8. My 28-week belly and pajama pant.  I seriously look like a pregnant clown and I know you are all jealous you can't sport that look!
  9. Paper play.  Using my favorite stamp set this month from the Studio Calico May add-on BROWNIE.

Friday, April 13, 2012

sneak peek time!

Still scrapping from bed this month, and I'm so happy these pages just literally fell together.  Something about the kit and add-ons this month just gelled for me.

Lots of pregnancy photos on this one.  Have I mentioned I'm HUGE?  Well, I am.
Although seeing Jessica Simpson tonight made me feel much better.
Back on topic...the layout above was made using the main kit (35mm) and Lomography.

This is one of my favorites.  Well, they all are, really, but I love the photo on this one. It's super simple.  Used my Silhouette for the title, then  the main kit, Brownie, and Lomography kits mixed in.

I think this is my favorite layout, so I'll show you 2 sneaks. LOVE this one.  It's my main kit only layout this month.

See that "hello" piece?  well, it was designed by Kelly Purkey and I love it.  LOVE IT.  as well as the other die cuts you see sporadically on my layouts.

That's it for me this month, hope you enjoy the kit as much as I do and have fast fingers on reveal day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Blitz winner

Just a quick post to announce the blog blitz winner of the 6x6" Take Note Paper Pad.

Nitasha said...

This is adorable! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Please email me at with your name and address so we can send your prize.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Studio Calico Blog Blitz!

At Studio Calico, we're so excited to bring you 3 new collections:

These products have just begun shipping and they've been so fun to play with....even having to scrap propped up laying down in bed :)

Supplies: Take Note 6x6" Pad; Abroad 6x6" Pad, Calico2 6x6" Pad, POW glitter paper (powder & caramel), vellum, Stepping Stone Alphabet Stamps, Weathervane Ink Pad, Staz-on Jet Black Ink Pad, Precision Pen -03.

I cut strips of vellum, glitter paper, and the patterned papers from Take Note & Abroad 6x6" pads, lined them up down the edge of my paper and adhered them with my glue pen, only in the center of the strip. Next, I punched holes with a circle punch and exacto knife for the center one, and backed it with subtle tone-on-tone papers from the Calico2 6x6" pad.

After adding stamping, journaling, and photos, I escaped bedrest for 2 minutes to stitch these down.

Hope you enjoy the blog blitz!
Next stop is Celine.

If you get lost along the way, you can always go back to the SC blog for the complete list.

Don't forget to leave a comment here. I'm giving away my favorite 6x6" pad from the Take Note Collection.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

week in review

  1. Claire and I watching "sugar." That's Mary Poppins Spoonful of Sugar on YouTube. She loves musicals and I'm so happy about that. She'll snap her fingers and say "up" as the toys put themselves away.
  2. Block-stacking practice. Here she has 7, but in the bottom right, you'll see her record of 8. She's got champion fine-motor skills.
  3. Outside my window. We've had about 13 gorgeous days in a row.
  4. Scrapping in bed.
  5. Hugging Tess, my friend's lab.
  6. Pushing her boyfriend Grayson.
  7. Watching Pooh on YouTube.
  8. My lunch. Terrible heartburn lately, but my friend and IVF nurse recommended liquid calcium magnesium and truly it's worked wonders. SO HAPPY about that.
  9. The record of 8! Way to go, Claire!
I'm 26 weeks and ready for bedrest to be over. There's a million piles of stuff all over the house and it's stressing me out. I want to o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e. Badly. But, I'm thankful these boys are staying put and for all my friends and family who are helping out. I can deal with the piles I suppose.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the spring I'm a giveaway winner!

I snapped this photo out my bathroom window yesterday when I was up for a potty break. Look how gorgeous the sky is and I promise you that grass looks like Ireland, even though I've never been....It was so incredibly green and with lots of clover. Our cows *love* clover so we try to keep them happy.

What you can't see in the photo is that it's 75degrees here in March and you can't hear that Claire is giggling and running with her princess ball (my best $2 purchase to date). Greg is bound and determined to get me a lawn sofa-chair-thingy so I can lay around outside and enjoy it. I hope he does! Maybe for once my legs will be tan by summer.
And the winner of the sketchbook class is...............

SO excited to see your giveaway April; I would love to take part of this class with the lack of inspiration these days and the busy schedule with the kids. This is exactly what I need. My SC name is Scrappymimi.

March 25, 2012 7:48 AM

I have the information I need and you'll be added to the class. Hope you enjoy it!Delete

Sunday, March 25, 2012

25 weeks

So happy for each and every day of this pregnancy, even if those days are fully comprised of laying the the bed, rotating from one side to the other, balancing a computer on my legs, propping up pillows, cutting scrapbook paper with one free arm, showering in 3 minutes flat, laying down after meals and then burping constantly for 30 minutes get the idea. I'm happy because each day these boys stay put, that gives me hope we won't be spending time in the NICU.

At 25 weeks, I was happy to put on real clothes, make-up and brush my hair for a doctor's visit. Yes, I feel 80 years old because I was looking forward to my doctor visit all week long. That's my approved outing!

At the doctor, I was pleased to learn both babies are doing well. Baby A is measuring a week big, Baby B a week small, but there's no cause for concern since neither is too far off from the norm. Since I wanted to know exact weights I looked online and that's 1lb-14oz and 1lb-7oz. Still too tiny for birth, so our goal is 34 weeks.

I'm having about 2-3 contractions and hour, so I don't have to start on oral medication yet. Yay! Still, they make me nervous.

After the doctor, Mom took me through the drive-through at Sonic. As you know, I'm well-known there, which is the mark of a true addict. While I was waiting on my drink, the manager came to the window and asked how much longer I had before my due date. Mom told him, "3 months," to which his jaw dropped and it was obvious by my size that he thought I was ready to pop any second. He quickly recovered and said, "Oh, but it's twins, right?"

So, yes, I'm HUGE. I think I'm as big now as I was full term with Claire, but it's hard to tell by weight because I had swollen so much with her.

Here I am at 23 weeks with Claire, trying to stick out my belly.
and at 24 weeks. You can see, there's a distinct difference in size from the first photo in this post.

We're still working on names and making very little progress. Greg's list is getting longer when it should be going in the reverse direction. Sigh.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sketchbook Class giveaway + a sneak!

Join Kelly Purkey in another installment of her popular Sketchbook class! Sketchbook 4 is a four week class filled with fresh sketches, easy instructions, beautiful examples, and lots of fun. This class is designed to be used at any time and over + over again when you need inspiration.

Sketchbook is different from any other sketch class out there because Kelly and the contributors offer design tips and detailed explanation of what makes a page work. It's more than sketches - they’ll deliver valuable pointers for creating great layouts.

By the end of the class, you'll have a complete sketchbook of 12 original sketches, 38 layouts, and an ADDITIONAL 38 sketches based on those creative pages. All the examples are brand new layouts, exclusive to this class... you won't see them anywhere else! You will be receiving an example layout from Kelly for each of the sketches, along with two example layouts from a Studio Calico Design Team member and some of your favorite SC Guest Designers.

As a tease, here's a sneak of my sketch layout that I just completed. I LOVED this sketch and I love the end result even more. I'm actually toying with the idea of doing a second layout based on the same sketch, that's how versatile it is! So, please join me along with tons of others in this class. You won't regret it!

To win a spot in this class, just leave a comment here by midnight EST on Monday. A winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday and posted here, so be sure to check back so we can get you enrolled before the class starts. Also, if you're already enrolled and win, we'll refund your money, so there's no reason not to enter to win!