Thursday, January 22, 2009

relieved doesn't even describe it

Greg flew out on Sunday for his national sales meeting in Florida (at DisneyWorld). His flight left at 1:05, and he got to the airport at 12:40.

Why would anyone get to the airport with only 25min to go through security and to check bags? Because, if you're Greg, you think the world can be conquered in 15min.

For instance, Greg will be 15 miles away at the local Grainger branch and I'll call him to have him pick up gallon of milk at the store and he'll say, "I'll be there in 15 minutes" knowing that he has to drive clear across town, walk into a store, pick up the milk, check out, get back in the car, and drive home.

So, on Sunday, Greg went to church, got out at 11:15 and thought he had time to run by Green Hills Mall, to go to the Apple store (he needed a charger for his phone that he could get free if he didn't go through at&t). When he got there, he had to wait for the mall to open at noon, then stand in line to get customer support to get the charger for free. (On a side note, he spied Jenni Bowlin shopping....and was so proud he recognized her.) After checking out, he had another 20 min drive to the airport, had to check a bag and go through security.

He did make his plane, but his driver's license did not.

I learned about this on Monday after he realized what a deep hole he was in then, I next-day-aired his passport so that he would have an ID to fly from Orlando to Anaheim.

So, when I got the text above, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has an absent-minded husband.

We had a visitor at the office yesterday. I think she may be counting how many add-ons she needs next month....either that or how many tantrums she threw at the office :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


kelly said...

ha ha! I am the one who does the greg-like things. My boyfriend calls it "pulling a Purkey" ;)

waleska said...

Too funny! My hubby is the opposite. He checks everything a gazillion times and then goes check some more just in case (drives me crazy some times) :)

I'm glad Greg got his id!

Anonymous said...

You just described my husband thank you very much! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Angela W said...

Oh no! I am glad it all worked out!

Unknown said...

He works for Grainger? A few years ago, I was in Tampa at a seminar and Hurricane Katrina was blowing into Florida. I live in Ft. Lauderdale. I was panicked, needing to get home to my husband and three kids. I raced to the airport and missed the flight my dh had booked me on. I was wailing in the airport totally making a fool of myself. The kind Southwest people got me on the next flight 1:30pm. I, along with about 80 other brave souls, got on that plane. I sat with a woman who worked for Grainger and was as afraid to fly as I was! We were the last flight out of Tampa and landed in Ft. Lauderdale totally blind in a driving wind. It was a beautiful landing, b/c we were alive! We all cheered. She and I held hands through the crummy part of the flight. I don't remember her name, but I"ll never forget her!

liz mataraza said...

my hubby does that kind of stuff too. luckily he doesn't have to travel much. he does however, do things to screw my day take the only set of keys to my car!?!? (and his commute is about an hour each way.)

Anonymous said...

LOL my husband is the same way. The man has no concept of time whatsoever!