Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday, Greg met Mike Rowe.

And, ladies, step back, because both guys are mine. Both Mike and Greg (in that order).

Before Greg left for his national sales meeting and vendor fair down at DisneyWorld in Orlando on Sunday, I knew he would have a chance to meet Mike. I talked with him about which camera to take (the point and shoot would give Greg the best result), and when he was packing, I laid the camera on top of his bag, so he wouldn't forget it.

So, what was on the kitchen table when I came home from church on Sunday morning? You guessed it.

Then, yesterday he called and said, "Mike says to tell you 'Hi.'"

I said, "Where's my picture?"

He replied that he wasn't the type for photos with celebs.

So, next week when I post a photo of him with Paris Hilton (at CHA), ya'll all need to post a comment teasing him. I'm just giving you the heads-up to help me out with this because Mike's at his meeting every year, so I have another shot at this.


Angela W said...

Oh wow Mike Rowe!! My dh and I watch Dirty Jobs all the time! That would be so cool to meet him! Yeah, I am sure we'll see a pic of Greg with Paris at CHA! LOL! That's guys for ya! Greg got his cast off, didn't he? My little one got his off right before Christmas and was happy about it!

mborrero said...


Anonymous said...

You might want to check out Mike's new site - www.mikeroweworks.com although Greg probably heard him talk about it.

justem said...

So fun!
There is a lady at my work who is obsessed w/Mike Rowe...has him as her screen saver and photos of him all over her desk!!

Lyn said...

funny funny!
you'd better get in that Paris pic too!
mike rowe is funny, i always listen to him when he's a guest on O & A!

Erin said...

how funny! We're big Dirty Jobs fans around here too.

Jenn said...

I was watching him earlier but just had to change the channel. Whatever he was doing to the turkey behinds was just too much for me! (lol)

lisa truesdell said...

my oldest would be so jealous, he LOVES mike and dirty jobs. =)

Aimee Ann said...

mmmm, hotness :)