Tuesday, January 6, 2009

feeling much better + a challenge to share with you

I was in the depths of despair on Sunday....feeling just awful and wondering how in the world I would get packages shipped on Monday. But, never fear, they're on their way and I think that was just the medicine I needed.

I've neglected to mention that I was asked to guest on the Design X blog. The challenge was to scrap about having another hour in your day and what you would do to fill that hour. I really liked this challenge for 2 reasons:
  • Unlike other challenges, their's is not focused on the products/layout/design aspect, but more on the words. So, you could combine this challenge with another challenge, or like me, use it as the freedom to use whatever you'd like.
  • The prompts are really very good. Particularly, the prompt this week, I believe really fit me perfectly and if you're like me and have wished for a 25 hour day, I think this is the challenge for you.
Here's a teaser of my layout. You can see the complete version + the journaling here.
Oh, and did I mention there's a prize associated with this? Check it out.


*Paula* said...

what a fun challenge! I like your sneak :)

mborrero said...

thank you for sharing

nicole said...

how pretty! love the journaling in the clouds. great idea!

Larajc said...

great sneak!

Kimber-Leigh said...

glad you're feeling better! and just reading "depths of despair" makes me want to go pick up Anne of Green Gables and read for hours!

Anonymous said...

Hey April - I was just wondering....what letters are those? They're so cute!