Friday, January 2, 2009

the rest of our 2 days of fun

The new year sort of interrupted what I had planned to blog about yesterday.

On Tuesday, my mom and I took the boys faux-ice-skating. It's false advertisement if you ask me. On the outside of the building it says "Ice Skating." Wouldn't you think there's an ice skating rink inside? Exactly my point.

So, we walk in and all they have is hockey skates, which bothered me since I prefer white skates to black skates. I mean, would you ever catch Kristi Yamaguchi in black skates? I think not. As you can see, I was focused more on my style than the rink, so it didn't even strike me that it was 72 degrees in the building.

We're the only people in the building besides the guy checking us in, and luckily on Tuesdays they have a special for $6 for kids and adults or I would have had a heart attack from the $8 and $10 normal charge. We get the boys laced up and away they go with coats, hats and gloves. The guy checking us in must have thought we were nuts, because like I said, it wasn't cold at all.

As soon as I stepped onto the rink, I noticed that the "ice" looked like rectangular sheets instead of a solid piece, but it had marks in it like it had been skated on. I knelt down and touched it and it was plastic. Seriously. Don't you think that's false advertising?

So, in case you're caught in a similar circumstance, here are the clues that you are not skating on real ice.
  1. The air in the building is not cold (ie above 65 degrees)
  2. You live in a small town and can't believe that it could possibly financially support an ice rink.
  3. There is no place for a Zamboni
  4. There are support poles in the middle of the rink.
  5. They don't have figure skates (because you don't need a toe-pick on plastic).
Now, onto our adventure, because although we weren't really skating on ice, it felt identical.

This is how Joshua and Joseph spent the first 15 minutes on the rink:

And, this is what I looked like for the first 15 min:

About 30 minutes in they were getting the hang of it, but notice the ankle angle. hee hee
This is about the only decent picture I got of Joseph. The plus side to faux-ice-skating, is that you can sit down without getting cold.
And me, wishing I was skating for the gold.
I think the worker thought I was absolutely nuts. Just so you know, I've never taken lessons a day in my life, but growing up, my sister and I were convinced that we'd be Olympic gymnastic champions or figure skating champions, so to make my mom laugh, I did this. But, in the end, I think they all laughed. What do you think of my form?

As an update to my new year's resolutions, I've kept both of them so far. I'll post the layout I made with tomorrow's blog post.


Davinie Fiero said...

I would have fallen flat on my face so I'm actually impressed by your form there, lol.
I wanted to be a skater too. I was devastated when Tonya and her cronies hurt Nancy.

Unknown said...

OK, can I just say how much I love that pic of you???? Can't wait to see that on a page!