Saturday, April 9, 2011

master bedroom & bath

I realized I haven't posted photos of the master bedroom and bath at our remodeled farmhouse. We didn't make and structural change to the bedroom, but the bathroom was a different story.

This is the area to the right you see when you enter the bathroom. It used to be the closet.
My sink above.
Greg's sink below.

And to the front. There's a door to the right that goes into the new master closet.
You see the door in the mirror, and that's the bedroom door.

Now to the bedroom.

I kept this fixture from our last house because they were going to replace it with a ceiling fan.

I still owe you a few things on my blog that I have planned in the upcoming weeks:
  • A post with links to all the house posts
  • Tutorial on using paperback books as decoration
  • Tutorial on jumping photos (this one will be fun!)
  • Tutorial on my Cowlick title
  • Claire's birth announcements & thank-you notes
  • Claire's newborn photos
  • Claire's 5-month photos
  • A couple cute Claire videos
I'll be working on these, but if I've left anything off, let me know.


joy said...

Hi April,

I love, love, love your house/style! Congratulations on your baby girl--we had our first on November 7th (Owen), I love reading and seeing how Claire is growing.

I was wondering if you could tell me about the artwork above your bed?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic spaces you have! And so much to look forward to in coming posts! Thank you for including jumping photo instructions - I squealed when I read that!

Karen said...

i so adore your house. it turned out beautifully. missing you....we must get together again soon. maybe lunch in nashville one day when you are here....or even better, the flea market!

Kasey said...

Your house is gorgeous! I love reading your blog. :) Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

Have a lovely day!

newscrapper said...

I love your house it is amazing!! one thing that makes it a home is how you designed and decorated it, but the most important part is the people inside the house and the love they have for each other is what makes it a home ;-)

marcy said...

did I miss the scrapbook room? I've been waiting for that one!

LaceyA said...

Thank you again, April for posting your house photos! I am a big fan of your style, and I am hoping that one day, soon I will be able to have a house like yours. Such an inspiration! LOVE Claire's announements...and gray is one of my fav colors!! :) Any chance to see your scrapbook room?? :) :) :)