Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Hop winner + questions answered

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the SC blog hop! I loved reading about your grandmas. The winner of the wood veneer hearts is:

sarah said...

sadly i lost them in my early 20s...but i called both lovely women, grandma.

thanks for the chance + the fun 'hop'!

Now for your questions:

Was your house featured in BHG?
There's been several comments about my house being in Better Homes & Gardens and I wanted to clarify. My house hasn't been and isn't on any agenda that I'm aware of to appear in BHG. I love BHG and Country Living and lots of other house magazines and that's where I've gotten lots of my decorating ideas, but they haven't asked to feature our house. That would be awesome, though! If you want to see all of my house posts, here they are.

Why did I choose Fuzzi Bunz diapers as opposed to other cloth diapers?
Honestly, I didn't do any extensive research on cloth diapers. Greg and I are both the type of people to ask for recommendations and borrow from others' expertise. When we go to restaurants, Greg ALWAYS asks the server, "What's your favorite thing on the menu?" then orders that dish. The same was true for me with Fuzzi Bunz, except I asked my IVF nurse which brand she used. She had originally purchased bumgenius for her son, but the velcro broke down within the first year even when she washed it according to the specifications. Also, she informed me she liked the concept of the snaps better because as kids gain dexterity, it's easier for them to pull off the velcro and run wild and naked than it is with the snaps. I concur, and since this is Greg's child we're talking about, I wanted to offset my risk.

I did neglect to mention that we chose the one-size diaper so it is adjustable. They're a couple dollars more than the others, but I think it's worth it considering she started wearing them at 2 months and will continue wearing them until she potty trains.

Is it difficult to stick with cloth diapers?
Absolutely not! But, you're asking someone who doesn't mind laundry. I'm the type of person that once I set my mind on something (and this was a $450 investment, so money was riding on this deal, too), I'm going to do it. I like her diapers and they fit our lifestyle well, but like I said, they're not for everyone. I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to spend money on them unless they are 100% sure of the commitment.

And last, I want to leave you with this. I was thinking about that moment while riding home from church this week and started laughing out loud. It's been awhile since Greg's done anything like that, so I had to dig in my brain archives to get a laugh this week.


sarah said...

oh! that's me! thanks so much april - i'm excited about the hearts.

should i email you?
thanks again!

nicole said...

It's great that Greg asks for server's advice sinc ethey work there and have tried a lot of the menu. But i do have to pass on that while they often are really suggesting their favorite things, but sometimes they suggest the most expensive or the things that the kithcen has excess of. just to keep that in mind. hopefully everything he has had has been great.