Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cowlick Title Tutorial

I've received several questions on how I created this title for a layout I made for the Studio Calico booth.

It was so easy and simple, you'll be kicking yourself once you see how I made it.

First, I cut each letter with my Slice die-cut machine.

On the white cardstock, I discarded the "C" you would normally keep and used the negative image.

I cut around that, leaving about 1/8".

Then, I used my favorite glue pen to adhere the cardstock to the patterned paper (in my actual layout it was the reverse: patterned paper onto cardstock, but you get the idea).

And, I cut around that, leaving no excess.

Once I had all my letters, I spaced them appropriately on my layout and adhered them together, then used foam dots to give some dimension.

See, like I said, simple and easy and you can do it with any shape!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo happy to hear you did this with the slice! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

laura vegas said...

such a great tip april! i have tons of titles and words with this look to them, for my silhouette. i just love the thin outlined look. this is a perfect way to translate that same look to the slice :)

lisa truesdell said...

that is brilliant. i'm going to have to see if my slice and i are "on" this week so i can try it. ;)

Michelle Hernandez said...

This is so funny! I remember an SC page that did this a few months ago- I think it was this page!- and my brain erased all the info except for "Slice" and "silhouette letters". I just got my Slice via the mail today!!! THANK YOU for posting the tutorial- I am doing this on my next page! Your design (and color palette) is gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Love this look!

You can actually have your Slice do all the work if you leave it on the mat & it's good and sticky. If you cut the smaller size and then leave it in place, you can size up the letter on your Slice and re-cut. :)

Lindsey Cornett said...

This is my first comment on your blog!

Thanks for the tutorial! I LOVED that title, and I'm excited to see that it's so easy!! :)

Jenny said...

Thanks so much April! I've been wondering how you did this! Off to try this now with my Slice!

mprondzinski said...

Thank you so much for remembering to do this tutorial! I was dying to find out how you made those letters :)

Cynthia Lloréns said...

April...such a great tip ! I loved .
I just love the thin outlined look. !!!!
Thanks for the tutorial.
Hugs from Brazil
I just love to came and see all your always do a such amazing job!!!