Friday, April 15, 2011

Lawn Party sneaks!

Lots going on here, scrapwise. I've been cutting & pasting up a storm here this weekend.

I can honestly say it's been longer than I can remember that I've scrapped 5 layouts in 2 days. As in, I haven't set aside any time in particular, but just grabbing a few minutes here and there, so I'm proud I've been able to do that.

What I'm not so proud of is that my scraproom is in SHAMBLES.
I can't show you the photos because my pre-devastation room is going to be in a special edition of Creating Keepsakes, but I can describe it.

Picture 8-foot open shelving on the back wall. 3 rows of that with baskets, vintage lockers, suitcases, and glass jars all stacked up above a unit that held my sewing machine, typewriter and mists.

Now picture the top shelf pulling out from the wall and landing on the 2nd shelf, then that one pulling out and landing on the 3rd, which pulled out as well and landed on my sewing machine, typewriter and mists.


not pretty.

That event took place in about a half-second and made such a loud noise. Claire was down for the night and shockingly did not wake up so I had two full hours to clean up glass and the rest of the mess.

I know you're all jealous you didn't spend your Saturday night like I did.

So, that explains why one of my sneaks doesn't have a single stitch on it since my whole room is dismantled right now.

The following 2 sneaks were made using the main kit (LAWN PARTY), PINK LEMONADE, & PAPER LANTERNS.

This layout was one I scraplifted from Amy Tan, and it's my favorite layout this month. Actually, it's my favorite layout in a long time. She is so clever and I can envision using this idea for lots of other layouts and themes. I was proud of myself for making it entirely with the main kit + a couple shop items (white gel pen & white zing)

You'll definitely want to get the main kit this month because there's some exclusive alphas by Basic Grey in the best color ever. The design team has already been emailing me asking for you better hurry!

The add-ons will go on sale to subscribers at 12:00noon EST 4/27, and all kits to everyone else at 12:00midnight EST. Don't forget, if you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so now, just email for more information.


laura vegas said...

i'm tring to picture your scraproom, but i can't. lol! i need visuals! i 99% sure what special issue of CK your room will be featured in, and mine will be in there too. should be out soon, and i'll make sure and flip to yours first :)

love the peeks. i just knew that last peek belonged to you. and not just because i saw "claire" on it. lol!

Keshet said...

I am so excited for the kits this month! Love the sneaks, especially the first one.

Kimber-Leigh said...

oh april, i'm SO sorry about your room. aside from the glass, i hope there wasn't too much damage. but your sneaks look amazing as always...can't wait to see more!

curlyqmosaics said...

These sneaks look amazing! Makes me want to go buy the kit now!

marcy said...

Oh my goodness April! That's horrible!

laceyA said...

Oh no! I would be a crying lump of hysterics in the middle of my room if that happened to me (ok maybe NOT that dramatic but close! lol) Love the sneaks- I can't wait til reveal!!

Barb said...

Urgh. I feel stressed just reading that. Hope it all turned out okay!

Gracie said...

Oh dear, sorry about your room chaos! I am loving the pie chart sneak (for lack of a better name) ha, ha! It looks so cool!

mprondzinski said...

When does that issue of CK come out? I am in the process of re-doing my scrap room and I am in major need of ideas before I finalize my plans!!!!!

mprondzinski said...

When does that issue of CK come out? I am in the process of re-doing my scrap room and I am in major need of ideas before I finalize my plans!!!!!

Maggie Muggins said...

Your Sneak Peaks are amazing. What CK Issue were they printed in? You have amazing layouts here! I’ve been searching for “Pie Chart” inspirations for my Silhouette Blog party this month and would love to have your Pie Chart page included in the party. Do you mind linking it up or letting me link to it?