Friday, April 15, 2011

fuzzi bunz

One decision we made even before I got pregnant was that we would use cloth diapers. At the time, these were the factors that played into our decision:
  • Over time, they are less expensive than disposables. I'm not going to lie, this is the MAIN reason we chose cloth.
  • Supposedly children with cloth diapers potty train earlier than those with disposables because they feel the wetness.
  • I could get a plain white diaper without Elmo on it. I kid you not, this did actually help me make the decision. What 3-month-old is even aware of a muppet on their diaper? I continue my campaign for plain, solid infant wear.

After choosing cloth and using them, here's the reasons I would continue:
  • Convenience: I never worry about having to run to the store for diapers or order them online. I keep her size of disposables on hand in case we need them, but usually we end up the last week that they will possibly fit her, running through them.
  • Comfort: After feeling how soft the fabric is on her fuzzi bunz, I know they have to feel better on her skin than disposable.
  • The don't leak. When she has worn disposables, lots of times, she's blown out the top of them. That's never happened with the cloth diapers. Once she blew through a leg, however.
I'm not hard-core about cloth. Everyone should make the decision that's right for their family, but I'm happy this option was available to us.

Doesn't this look like a satisfied baby?


*reyanna* said...

Love this post! I'm also SOOO excited about cloth diapering. :-D I've wanted to do it from the beginning as well. Can't wait, actually. LOL. :-) I'm so glad it's working out so well for you guys!

Barb said...

She's so darn cute, April.

Anonymous said...

i used cloth for all 9 of my kids. It started with the oldest kiddo having a reaction to the chemicals in the disposables and we never looked back! We even used washcloths instead of wipes. It turned out to be much cheaper! My only complaint was that clothes are not cut to accomodate for cloth diaper bulk anymore since most kids wear the much slimmer disposables. We ended up with lots of stretchy one piecers and the kids all looked darling. My last kiddo just got out of diapers and he was the only one who did potty train much for that theory (for my kids anyway!). I'm kind of sad that we aren't in diapers any more. Not sad enough to have another one though! Glad you found what works for you! Sorry for the long rambley comment! :)

Unknown said...

I recently offered to do cloth diapers for each of my childcare children while they are in my care. one of 3 parents took me up on it. at first I was bummed more didn't jump on it but I am considering it a 'baby step' into it & taking opportunity to stock up on sizes while they get comfortable w/the idea :) GREAT POST!!!

jenn h said...

We heart cloth (and diaper swappers:)