Friday, June 8, 2007

Countdown to Launch Day (Friday)

So, tonight I went to dinner with Scarlet, who is my business partner in this creative endeavor. Her son, Noah, who is four and wants the world to know it, told me this story while we were eating Mexican food (my favorite):

Noah: Once upon a time there was a little dinosaur - his name was Littlefoot - and he had friends.

April: Who were his friends?

Noah: Cera, Spike, Petri, and.....and.......and (he's thinking) Ducky!!!!

April: What did they do?

Noah: Littlefoot played with his friends. [proudly] BEGINNING!!!!

So, to tell you about Scarlet, I'll begin with Noah's "beginning" (which is actually the end), because although we've been friends for a long time, it's the friendship with her now that I value most. So, here's the top 10 list for things I love about Scarlet:

  1. She is absolutely meticulous about every thing she does.

  2. Her eye for detail on her LOs is amazing and she always wants at least one page element to be "inventive."

  3. She makes the most awesome birthday cards!

  4. She loves her children.

  5. She is a hard worker and always strives to do her best.

  6. She has a Canon SLR!!! (and good lenses, too!)

  7. Her writing skills are top-notch (I love reading her journaling).

  8. She is the most loyal and thoughtful person I know.

  9. She likes Mexican food.

  10. She puts up with me!

This is why I'm proud to be launching Studio Calico with her.


AnilĂș Magloire said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm very exciting to see Studio calico.
I love all the LOs on your slide show.
Oh, and Scarlett is lucky to have you as a friend :)

Scarlet said...

Yes, I am lucky!

Laura Fiore said...

I need to get your looks amazing!! Feel free to send me an email reminder when it is up and running and you are taking orders!!

Anonymous said...

I just received my first SC kit and loved it from the minute that I saw the paper bag inside! The box had come untaped a little and I was unsure if I had lost anything in transit! I was just reading on the DT and made my way back to the "beginning" Gina