Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scattergories Challenge

I got this challenge from Scarlet, who got it from Nicole.

The game is's harder than it looks!Here are the rules:

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions.
They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up!
If you can't think of anything, skip it.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: April
1. Famous Singer/Band: Aaliyah (does this count as double points? :)
2. 4 letter word: arch
3. Street: Adams St, where my husband used to live
4. Color: aquamarine
5. Gifts/Presents: apparel
6. Vehicle: Acura
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: artwork
8. Boy Name: Aaron
9. Girl Name: Adrienne
10. Movie Title: A Walk to Remember
11. Drink: Ale8 (if you're from Eastern KY, you'll know what this is)
12. Occupation: administrator
13. Celebrity: Adam Brody
14. Magazine: Auto Trader
15. U.S. City: Atlanta
16. Pro Sports Teams: A's (is that cheating?)
17. Fruit: apple (if you're Gwenyth Paltrow, this could also be a girl's name)
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: argument with spouse
19. Something You Throw Away: apple (i'm running out of ideas)
20. Things You Shout: Away!!!
21. Cartoon Character: Arthur

Let's see if Cathy can do this one....


Vee said...

A Walk to Remember is one of my favorite movies :)
I did this a little ago, it was fun! :)

Delaney Gates said...

Ooh! That sounds like fun! :)

AnilĂș Magloire said...

So glad that you're all playing along!!

Natalie said...

Ohh, love your list!!
I might have to do this too.
Hope you're doing well.

Scarlet said...

Good job, April! Love your extra commentary...

Nicole said...

great job with your these types of games!

Unknown said...

hey april! saw you stopped by my blog - I had posted about scrapstreet's saturday night scrap. Just wanted to let you know that it's always an online crop every Saturday at (you mentioned too bad, you live in KY... wasn't sure if you were kidding or not! the Town Square is a forum.) Anyhow, come by any Saturday, find me -as I'm almost always there- and come crop!

Tonya said...

I so need to try this.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I have to do this too - great idea and I love your replies ... have a wonderful weekend