Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Halloween

In the afternoon on Halloween, we were visited by the Yellow Fairy.
This is a very particular type of fairy as she makes rainbows, apparently and differs GREATLY from the Purple Fairy that visited us last year.

Check out those gold shoes!

And, some wand action.

Later that night, we were visited by 100+ college students for a bonfire and hayride. I know the count only because I had 96 spoons and ran out. I also have no photos of the event as I barely survived. All our guests were very gracious and wonderful and we plan to do it again next year, but hopefully I won't be walking around with a 37 week belly and swollen feet. That would be much more enjoyable I'm sure.


nailgirl said...

april, she is the cutest little yellow fairy ever! and the gold shoes are the best part! thinking of you and greg as the big day draws closer!!

Zorina said...

very cute post, mama-to-be. I am praying for your quick labor & delivery to Claire. Hugs to yah and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

how absolutely adorable! And I can't wait to "meet" Claire! Please have her really soon, kay? ;)