Thursday, November 11, 2010


You've been asking to see the kitchen for a little while and truly it's my favorite room in the house, so I'm happy to share it with you.

But, what would the tour be without a few before photos????

Before, this was the only doorway to enter/exit the living room and kitchen. Very narrow and certainly not conducive to entertaining guests.

Also, the glass door you see on the left led out to the porch, where you had to walk outside to go inside the garage.

Remember those two things....

Another nice wall-color and window treatment. If only you could have seen all the dust/mice droppings/cobwebs, but those just don't show up in photos.

The oven and stove were original. I don't even think Habitat for Humanity wanted to take them....

That refridgerator is now at the barn, but before it could be moved, it had to be emptied. Yes, it was FULL of food....and mold. And a frozen/popped can of coke in the freezer.

Now, for the after photos which make me so happy.

The beautiful hutch/cabinet that was made for this spot. Painted "clover" by Porter Paints (I think). This sits to the right of the long wall of cabinets.

You'll notice here that we removed the upper cabinets and added more windows. This looks over the east field and it's so beautiful in the morning.

The old ovens and stovetop are gone (YAY!) making way for my best friend that would be the first item for me to carry out in case of fire. Yes, it now ranks above my wedding photos. I can't say enough about it. 6 burners + a griddle. I didn't think I'd use the smaller left oven very often, but boy was I wrong. It's wonderful. Fits a 9x13" pan and is perfect for making desserts while the other oven is cooking the main course. Plus, it's great not to have to heat up a large space for toast/bagels/waffles/you-name-it. I also love the fact that it's gas, so when it's on, it's on and when it's off, it's off.

I really could go on and on.

The harvest table is an antique.

That's the pantry door you see in the background. To the right of that is a chalkboard for grocery lists.

The chimney was always there, just under drywall, so we exposed it.

Remember the doorway that led to the living room. Well that was on the left side of the chimney and we opened it up on the right side as well.

The ceilings are reclaimed barnwood that have been white-washed. The planks came from Cumberland County, KY and the beams from a barn in Michigan.

I'm still in love with the choice of concrete for the countertops, especially now that my cute cow creamer is sitting on top of them.

This is the area that was the back porch. We enclosed it to make a breakfast area. You'll remember that door leads to the mudroom. The frames to the left hold various maps I've ripped from atlases.

Chairs from Crate & Barrel
Table from my mom (seriously we switched kitchen tables since the size of ours worked better in her house and vice versa). Originally from Storehouse furniture (now out of business)
All Lighting from Schoolhouse Electric in Oregon
Appliances by Thermador (I hate to admit it because you'll think we paid through the nose for them, but we didn't. Got about a 75% discount plus a free dishwasher that is so quiet it has a red light that shines on the floor to let you know it's running. After using the apartment dishwasher for over a year that really didn't even clean plates but sounded like a freight train, I'm even more grateful for this one.)
Faucet by Kohler
Mixer by Kitchen Aid (my other love...sigh)

Anything else you want sourcing on, let me know in the comments.


kelly said...

i am not a kitchen person.
it is probably my least favorite room in any house.
i want to move into yours.
right now.

naomi chokr said...

your house is just gorgeous!!! its sooo perfect!

Rachel Anderson said...
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Shannon said...

I hate you more and more with every house picture you show ;) you totally have created my dream house! Been thinking of you a lot lately! Going to be an exciting few weeks!

kathleen said...

Simply gorgeous!!!!!

sarah said...

you've created such a beautiful, cozy home! i'm envious ;)

and also, i must have missed it, but why was the house so full of stuff (and even refrigerator stuff?)???

lisa truesdell said...

i'm moving in.

Lexi said...

so very perfect.
the chalkboard---vintage? and if so, where did you find it? and if not, who made it and how?!! I am not bold enough to paint a small wall in chalkboard paint the separates our kitchen/living rm, but I want a big old chalkboard and they seem impossible to find!

lisa dickinson said...

i keep dragging dh to see your posted photos with the stipulation that "when we build our dreamhouse...." it's gonna look like this! LOVE everything you've done april! this house needs to be featured in a magazine!

Lacey said...

oh april, how i wish to have a house like yours someday. seriously. i am so not a farm person. i can do w/out the cows, but let me tell you...this city girl wants to move out in the country with lots of space around me. You guys did so blissfully awesome. Totally house beautiful mag worthy. WOW.

Barb said...

My only question is. . . when can I come cook dinner for you?

What a fabulous kitchen!

Laura Evangeline said...

You can totally host a cooking show from your kitchen now!

laura vegas said...

how did i miss you posting about the kitchen?!?! i've been waiting so patiently to see it. lol! well worth the wait. it's absolutely gorgeous! your entire house could be featured in a magazine, top to bottom :)

Jenn A. said...

April, wow! It is such a gorgeous kitchen. I just love how neutral the house is but how you've kept it interesting with pops of color, like the green hutch. Also, those cake stands are to die for! I bet you felt like a queen using that kitchen compared to an apartment-sized (and quality) one.

Meghann Andrew said...

Awesome post! We're ALMOST done with our kitchen renovation, and we got the Thermador suite of appliances too! I can't wait to use them! (Isn't that dishwasher light SO cool!?) said...

You guys have done an AMAZING job with this house! You are going to be so happy there! You should be very proud of what you have accomplished!!!

K + E said...

Could you post where you got the kitchen shades from and what fabric it is? Love the print!