Saturday, March 6, 2010

getting close to move-in

I thought I'd take a momentary break from IVF updates to give you an update on our remodel progress.

Ignore the brown lawn and look at the fact that we have columns and all we're waiting on outside is a pergola on the side porch and landscaping.

Oh, and the columns haven't been painted yet.

LOVE my lighting on the front porch from Schoolhouse Electric. The only problem is they're only damp-rated, so we could only use them underneath our porches.

Greg taking a gander into the office/scrapbook room. We changed the color blue from our original brighter color and I'm glad we did. This is much better!

And, my hardware. Ahhhhh...Greg says it's growing on him but he doesn't really like it.

More progress on the mud-room bath.

I never would have thought it would be so much trouble to use pavers inside, but apparently it was.

Thankfully, the outcome is pretty cool.

The downstairs floor is ready to be stained and sanded on Monday.

Anyone want to guess why one board is turned the wrong direction?

Upstairs to the guest bedroom where Mom and Dad will stay while completing their house. This room has another fixture from Schoolhouse Electric.

The majority of our lighting came from there, and I love how you buy the fixture and shades separately. While looking for lighting, I found that I liked the shades, but didn't like the fixture, or vice versa. So, Schoolhouse was a perfect solution for us.

The upstairs hall bath.

The TV room upstairs. We'll have a game table by the windows and a couch/TV where I'm standing to take the photos.

This fixture came from Pottery Barn. We'll put an Edison bulb in it once we move in and lower the chain, but for now, it's a hazard and that bulb is too expensive to waste.

My railing is up and I feel so much safer walking around upstairs now.

And, last my light fixtures in two of the bedrooms upstairs. These were cheapies from Lowe's and actually a little small for the rooms, so we'll have to have good lamps.

Estimated move-in date is 3 weeks.


Angela W said...

Awesome! Thanks for the remodel update! I love it all! I wish I could see it in person! I know it will be beautiful! I hope you are feeling well!

Kimber-Leigh said...

it's looking wonderful! i'm so excited for you guys to be moving in! it is really gorgeous!

sylvie said...

Love it all, it's amazing everything you accomplished on this house.

nichole said...

it looks just gorgeous!
i love all the details & those hardwood floors kill me! they're gorgeous!
what a beautiful home! :)

sarah said...

GORGEOUS home! it's looking lovely.

hmmm. the floorboard has me puzzled. my guess is either it's loose and something is stored/access there OR it's for luck/some old wives-tale.

do tell! :)

Christa said...

It looks amazing!!
And I absolutely no idea why one board is sideways-do tell!

justem said...

Have I mentioned that I'm considering coming down to visit and moving in with you?? Gorgeous. :)

Shannon said...

I can't wait to come visit... Hint Hint ;) and so funny, when I saw the picture of the last lamp I thought---ohhh that is my favorite... and it is a cheap one from Lowes ;)

Tara said...

Love it all. And I think the odd floorboard adds character. Looks like you've got a stash hidden under it ;)
8 weeks will fly by in a flash!

Stephanie said...

3 weeks?!?!?! So excited for you!

It's all so very lovely :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! BEAUTIFUL! ... I am so excited for you... 3 more weeks!

One Daddy + One Mommy + Big Brother + Baby #2 on the Way! said...

It looks awesome! I'm guessing the floor board is turned b/c that is where Greg's awesome tv comes up out of the floor!!

*reyanna* said...

WOW!!! It's looking AMAZING! I'm SO excited for you guys! I can't believe it's less than a month away! You must be ecstatic! Do you have furniture and everything, or are you going to have to buy all that too? It would be fun either way.

We FINALLY found a sofa yesterday that we liked... AND it was 75% off... a total steal from Thomasville Furniture. :-) I'm SO excited to FINALLY have a sofa in the living room, and we were able to move my loveseat into my scrap room where it belongs. :D

Can't wait to see the rest of your house! Thanks so much for sharing. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! :D

nat2377 said...

My guess on the side-ways board in the floor is that you have pinpointed the exact point where your future family members and Greg should stand for the best possible holiday photos and you are using the sideways floor board as an "x marks the spot" kind of thing! Holiday photos in front of that fireplace will be smashing, dah-ling!
Praying for a good IVF update!

newscrapper said...

Wow your home is gorgeous!!!!
Looks like a great gathering place for family and friend's.
What about the baby's room?

newscrapper said...

the board is turned the wrong direction because that is where the gas fire place controls are?

Joaniebolognie said...

Your home is beautiful! Love the front porch pillars! And that fireplace and hardwood floor is gorgeous! The floor board...hmmmm...the controls for a gas starter on the fireplace???

Sasha Farina said...

3 weeks... is good! i can come and help with the moving!

Kimberly said...

Pop Up Flat Screen Television. I am sure this is a "G" feature. Btw, I love the hardware on the doors. Very classic/traditional for your style home. Plus, easy cleaning maintenance as well.!

Lulu said...

I like the door knob.. it really looks like eyes, a big nose, and a mouth... ala Alice in Wonderland :)

Your house is simply stunning.

AmyInKy said...

Your home is just amazing! I really enjoy seeing it progress. I'm also keeping your family in my prayers with your IVF journey.

Karen (kphike) said...

oooo congrats on your almost moving in- I love seeing remodeling! Not sure on the floor board - would love to guess some vintage old tale reason or you lift it to sweep dust under but...based on your g-man stories I would be just as likely there is a good one behind the turned floorboard! Do tell though!

newscrapper said...

I was wondering if you had posted why the board is turned the wrong way?