Tuesday, March 23, 2010

final IVF calendar + synopsis

I've posted before about how important calendars are in the IVF process. They keep you on track, help you remember what shots to give at what times, at what dosages, and on which butt-cheek. You laugh, but it's hard to remember if the shot the day before went on the right or left.

My calendar helps me to remember appointments, milestones, and most importantly, helps me in counting down the days to the pregnancy test, the ultimate end of the cycle.

I debated whether to make my calendars pretty, whether I'd want to keep them if my cycle didn't end the way I had planned. In the end, I decided making them pretty was important to me this time. If all went well, I'd have something to look back on that would fit in my scrapbook, and if not, they wad up and fit in the trash just as well as an Office Depot planner.

This is the final version of my pages. I may go back and add photos later, but for now, all the important information that I would otherwise forget is here. Enjoy!

I thought it would be helpful to link all my previous IVF posts in one place. Nice for me to reference, and nice for you, too, if you've come in mid-story.

My posting began back on day 20 of my IVF cycle, but this was my second experience with IVF. Because of this, I was better educated, more determined, and poorer. Nevertheless, it's a story with a happy ending (so far) so here's the links to read about the process of us getting pregnant. If you're expecting a romance novel, you're looking in the wrong place. This story is less about candles and rose petals and more about needles and doctors' appointments.

  • IVF Day 20 - The saga begins. Here, I discuss the reasons why I'm sharing this personal process and the basics of IVF.
  • IVF Day 21 - One of my favorite posts for anyone, fertile or infertile. This post is all about vitamins. Is it weird that I get excited talking about vitamins?
  • IVF Day 23 - Another exciting post...this one about Folate versus Folic Acid. It's riveting!
  • IVF Day 30 - Want to see a self-administered injection right in the gut? This is the place for you. A simple Lupron injection.
  • IVF Day 34 - The importance of a calendar in the IVF process.
  • IVF Day 37 - This post explains egg follicles, how they're measured and why they're vital in the IVF process.
  • IVF Day 39 - My meds are explained in great detail...down to the opening of the box. The Pioneer Woman may take the best food-in-process photos, but my skills at photographing syringes and meds is second-to-none.
  • IVF Day 42 - How I fit all these shots into my daily routine.
  • IVF Day 44 - Confessions. This was my most read/commented post thus far. If you haven't read it yet, you might find this one interesting.
  • IVF Day 45 - Trigger day. My follicles/eggs are close to being ready for retrieval.
  • IVF Day 46 - Egg Retrieval Day = Surgery. Lots of good photos here...heehee
  • IVF Day 47 - Fertilization Report.
  • IVF Day 48 - Another Embryo report.
  • IVF Day 51 - Transfer Day. This is the day we see our embryos for the first time and decide how many to transfer.
  • IVF Day 52 - Good news! An unexpected totsicle.
  • IVF Day 58 - Nasty progesterone shots.
  • IVF Day 59 - Needle comparison. Clearly I've run out of things to discuss and the wait for my pregnancy test has become unbearable.
  • IVF Day 60 - Pregnancy Test!!! Should I give away the ending?
  • IVF Day 64 - Ethics discussion. Not the best essay, but I'm writing with pregnancy brain...so just coming up with the word "ethics" is a big deal.
And, that my dears, is the IVF synopsis. Hopefully I won't be writing about it again for a long time.


AnilĂș Magloire said...

You will be so happy to have documented it all. Your pages look great!!

Angela W said...

Your calendar pages are great! There are alot of us who wouldn't be able to remember which butt cheek! LOL!

Ursula Schneider said...

I am praying that you have success April. This whole process is so very invasive, painful and emotional that walking it is more sacrifice than most parents have to make. You and your hubby are very brave and you will have so much love to give to your child. BTW, I love your calendar pages. They are wonderful, TFS

jill marie barrett said...

i would love to hear greg's side of the story. it was very indearing to hear my husbands side.

Unknown said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while and I'm so happy to read you are pregnant!! I will be praying for you all.

The Sonboul's said...

I'm so happy and excited for you! Hopefully soon... you'll be able to walk away from the calendar and have the fun of focusing on the due date! I personally love that part and the count down :)

Oh, you'll be preggo in the summer! I hope it won't be too hot for you.

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...ALL of this is so AMAZING! I LOVE following and reading your updates...and if I'm reading this correctly...you say you are writing with a pregnancy brain...does this mean YOU have a baby on the way? If so HUGE congrats and hugs to you!!! xoxo
Love ya,

DeniseMorgan said...

First I was so happy that Beyonce #1's story had a good out come, but then saddened that she died:( But happy that her twin is alive :)
If I had a farm which I would love because I am a huge animal lover with 2 dogs, 6 cats a parakeet as well as 2 large Angel Fish who lay eggs every other week it seems and 3 silver dollars. I myself would become a vegetarian for sure. I just can't raise'em and eat'em kwim?
But anyhow still enjoy all the escapades on the farm.
And if I have not said enough already, I know why the calendars came about at SC. Because of your documentation right? LOL, I love them and bought them. I'm also so happy that things are going great for you and Greg. I could not think of anyone else more deserving than the two of you. If the octomom can friggin have 8 you sure as hell can have 1 right? I won't get started on what I think of her ;)
I love the pregnancy updates keep them coming!!!
hugs, denise

Cruz-Young said...

About to start my process and I want to thank you for sharing your story. It has brought me much comfort and help me understand so much. The IVF road is scary, confusing, overwhelming, and your blog has helped and I just want to say THANK YOU!!!