Thursday, March 4, 2010

calf send-off

These big babies were taken to the auction. It was time.

Past time actually.

Only one was castrated and the other, well, he needed to be.

Plus they were almost-cows in size, they were getting so big.

We had been waiting for cattle prices to go up. So, last week when they were going for as much as $1.15 per pound, we knew it was time.

But, it didn't make it any less difficult for G.

He called me about 10 times asking me if I wanted to take photos, but I was eating lunch, so that was out of the question. Chimichanga with pico de gallo or 30-degree weather and a foul-smell? Hmmm....let me think.

So, G documented with his iPhone.

Bubba came with the trailer and backed it up.
In they went. Dad waved good-bye.
And, they were off.
Off to the auction. Where they sold for about $0.93 per pound. Not bad for calves.

Oh, and I neglected to mention we sold #8. She was our only heifer who had the calf who we had to bottle-feed who ultimately didn't make it. Well, her udder didn't drop, which was the main problem, so the calf didn't get the nutrition he needed.

Well, #8 is a Big cow, with a capital "B".

Big cows are generally good, but they eat a lot.

And, if it's big, it needs to produce.

Produce calves that is.

And, so far, she wasn't doing so hot in that department and she was eating us dry.

She didn't sell for that much, but in all, we now have moolah in our farm account, which makes me happy.

Our first auction is behind us. Hopefully it will be easier for G next time.


mommy2alex said...

Aaaw, poor Greg! The first time sending cows off must be hard, hope it gets easier!

Davinie Fiero said...

We're running about the same, April. Steve just bought 5 black angus yesterday in the 600-800 range, I think, and paid .97 too 1.00/lb. depending on their weight bracket. Unfortunately, they are all black black, with no quirky faces to tell them apart, so Payton is going to name them Nightie, Nightie, Nightie, Nightie, and probably... Nightie. heeeee.

Lulu said...

Oh no... Poor G. I would not have been able to.. I'm a big old softie.

Lulu said...

I was also wondering if you think you'll eventually have other animals? Horses? Sheep? pigs? :)

greg said...

we sold #10...not old mamma #8. no biggie though.

Joaniebolognie said...

How exciting....your first auction! Must have been an emotional day...but wow, you all are a true working farm!!!! Good...Momma #8 is still hanging around!

Sasha Farina said...

aww Greg. you're such a sweetheart.

*reyanna* said...

Wow, just when I think I'd want to be on a farm, for some reason this just makes me sad. I'd hope that if I had a farm, I'd try not to get too attached. I know that would be hard for me though. I'm such a dork like that. LOL. :-p

I'm so glad you were able to make some money for the farm though! How cool! And mmmm... chimichangas! I want to learn how to make those from scratch. :D

Davinie Fiero said...

I say while you are sitting around thingking of B names, you should also think of cow names, because #8 just doesn't work for me.
For the record, 2 of the 5 black angus at my pad are Rocket and TwinkleStar. The rest may still be Nightie, Nightie, and Nightie, although one of them is #24 so Steve wants to name it Jeff Gordon, which is almost as redneck as it gets.

cannycrafter said...

Oh this must be so hard :(
Lovin' the photo's of the house! Gorgeous!