Friday, February 26, 2010

ivf - day 46 - egg retrieval

Our egg retrieval day began very early.

Actually, I woke up at 12:30, 3:30, and ultimately 5:00am. Worse than a kid on Christmas morning, I tell you!

Greg, on the other hand slept like a baby.

We left at 6:09, although I wanted to leave at 6:00. I'm always nervous about a wreck or traffic in Nashville and missing my appointment. And, for this, if I miss my appointment, my eggs could ovulate and that would mean my cycle was worthless.

When we got to the office, they weren't even open yet (7:15), so we checked our iPhones for emails and I looked at some of the comments on my blog (thanks!).

I brought something unique to the clinic today. I was worried about hyperstimulating at my appointment yesterday, and asked my IVF nurse, Jennifer about Gatorade since I had read somewhere that it helps. She said, "The nurses in California swear by coconut milk."

Number 1: I HATE coconut with a passion. It's the reason I don't think I could survive on Survivor.

There is no number 2.

I went to the store when I got home yesterday and bought an 8-pack of Gatorade and a can of coconut milk and took it to the office where I was going to open the can and drink it. A few minute after I arrived, Jennifer called with my bloodwork results and I told her I bought coconut milk. She asked where I found it.

me: "Kroger." (duh)

Jennifer: "April, I don't think you can get it at Kroger. What does it look like?"

me: "It's in a can and it's thick, I really don't know how I'll get it down. Maybe I should dilute it."

Jennifer: "DON'T DRINK THAT!!! Bring it to me and I'll use it to cook with."

So, there's the coconut milk (aka cream) I thankfully didn't try to drink.

All the nurses had a good laugh over this one.

We were called back at 8:30 and I donned my lingerie.

Sexy, isn't it?

And, with the socks, even better.

We read some magazines while we waited...

Greg has the better lighting here. I should have insisted we move the bed closer to the window.

The nurses talked with us a bit. I was the only egg retrieval today.

Then, I drifted off to sleep so they could perform this procedure:

Basically, my feet go up in stirrups again. The doctor uses a vaginal ultrasound to locate the follicles. Then she guides a needle and small tube up through my abdomen and into each follicle. Then sucks out all the fluid. They may even add extra fluid in and suck it out again, just to make sure they get the egg. The egg is microscopic, but the follicle isn't, so they have to trust that an egg is in there and will come out. After they did that to each one of my follicles, they wheeled me out.

ACK! This procedure isn't pretty, I tell you!

And a little while later, I was awake and snug as a bug under my warm blankets. And a piece of advice to all you ladies out there who stay cold: If you're ever having surgery, the hospital most likely has a blanket warmer. They may or may not tell you about it, but you've already paid for it, so you might as well use it. Heaven on earth!

After I was fully awake, Jennifer came back to talk to us and to wait for the egg count. We waited and waited...and I got more and more nauseous (from the anesthesia).

Jennifer guessed 15 eggs and Greg (forever the optimist) guessed 16.

Finally, Annette, the lab tech came in and told us we had 19!!! Significantly higher than last time.

So, I bounced out of bed and went home, skipping along the way:

um, no.

Once I was cleared to go, I was wheeled out with my saltine crackers and Gatorade and came home to sleep for a bit.

Today, I started the following meds:
  • Tetracycline (antibiotic) 4 times daily and I'll continue that for 4 days
  • Medrol (steroid) 1 time a day for the next 4 days
  • Progesterone in Oil (PIO) via injection once daily until my pregnancy test and with any luck, I'll continue this for a bit longer than that.
Tomorrow is a big day, too. I will receive my fertilization report. Keep your fingers crossed for some polar bodies.


Karen said...

i am so so happy for you! fingers crossed for a good, no great, report tomorrow.

Lulu said...

So glad to hear it went well!!! Fingers shall be crossed for the fertilization report! :)

Tara said...

I know very little about this process and am finding it all very interesting.
Seems like it went really well today. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Sasha Farina said...

cute socks! :) beat of wishes Fosters. *hugs* and 19! Way to go!

Nicole Samuels said...

Love that you are so open in sharing your journey with IVF! Yay for 19 eggs!!!! And you're right...those warmed blankets are a little slice of HEAVEN after a surgery! :)

Nicole #3 said...

WOW! 19!!?? way to go! :) best wishes to the Foster family! :)

Kristin said...

oh the warm blankets are the BEST! Here's to crossing our fingers that you will feel like you want to throw up and sleep forever very soon and that it will be legit and not just the progesterone. :-)

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful! ... i am praying for you :) ... and yes, those warm blankies are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

19 is a FANTASTIC number!!! I know of young fertile-mertyl egg donors who don't end up with 19's. Yay for nice healthy eggs! Fingers crossed on the fert report.. Are you doing 3 day or 5 day transfer? Rest and drink up... So exciting!

Anonymous said...

19 is a FANTASTIC number!!! I know of young fertile-mertyl egg donors who don't end up with 19's. Yay for nice healthy eggs! Fingers crossed on the fert report.. Are you doing 3 day or 5 day transfer? Rest and drink up... So exciting!

Davinie Fiero said...

Oh my word. That "waking out of anesthesia" photo made me laugh more than anything I've seen all day. And it's been a good day.

I'm glad things are going so well! Be careful! They are going so well I see more than one baby in December! :)

diana albright said...

oh, April... you say the procedure isn't pretty, but seriously... what you are doing - being so dedicated to lovingly growing your family - is BEAUTIFUL. And so are YOU!

So happy for you today with the success of 19 eggs! I hope we hear even better news soon!!

Ally said...

Hang in there! Still thinking as many happy thoughts as possible for you both!

Carrie said...

April, thank you for sharing your journey with us. Wishing you & Greg the best!

justem said...

Good luck with everything!! Thanks so much for sharing...

mommy2alex said...

Glad to hear that it went well!
LOVE the warming blankets, seriously makes you snug as a bug in a rug! :)
THat last picture of you is GORGEOUS!!!!
Crossing my fingers and lifting up a prayer for good news!

Anonymous said...

keeping my fingers crossed and sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!
Beth Ann

Zorina said...

Speaking of coconut....well, fresh coconut juice ( not cream ). How I wish I can ship 1 dozen of fresh coconut juice to you straight from CA! This "magical drink"m for .99cents each really helped me during the 2WW. So glad you didnt drink the one u bought, you use that for cooking only. :-)

Yay for 19 eggs!!! Praying, praying for you here... Keep your hopes HIGH! Take care.

Zorina said...

Forgot to add, after every progesterone shot at night, make sure you hit that spot with warm compress, ok? It would "sting" a bit during the injection and might sore up after, but it's all temporary.

Unknown said...

Love the socks and am thrilled that you guys got 19!!! Praying for the success of this round. XOXO

AllyW said...

I had a friend who had to go through all this, so here's hoping those suckers stick!! :) My fingers are crossed for you and yes, i too loved the socks. Cracked me up!

Kimber-Leigh said...
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Kimber-Leigh said...

i'm so thankful the retrieval went so well! continuing to pray for you...and i love the coconut story. so glad you have a chronicle of this journey so is informative, humorous, and touching...

lisa truesdell said...

crossing my fingers that at least one of those 19 is in it for a long haul. =)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your egg retrieval went well. It is so fun to read your blog and remember what i went through. I believe in happy endings and know you will have one soon.

Karin A

Astrid said...

Wow 19 is a lot! You know here in the Netherlands they don't put you to sleep. Only a anaesthesia injection and a diazepam (if I remember correct). So I know it hurts really bad, especially when they have to push in your belly to get a better access. But it's for a good cause. I think they got a really different approach here then in the USA.

Good luck!!

Christa said...

That is awesome news!
And again, thank you for sharing your journey. I come back every day to read about how things are going and crossing my fingers like crazy for an amazing outcome!