Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tour de farmhouse part 2

If you read my previous post, please be assured that dirty walls, nasty carpet, scuffs, stains, and mouse droppings do NOT show up in photographs. So, if you think I'm crazy for wanting to gut the place, I'm not. I'm just a clean person who likes to live in a clean house (sans mice).

That's my disclaimer, so here goes.

This is what you see when you step in the front door: a modest entryway, the edge of the steps and the living room.
And, if you were to stand in the living room looking toward the front, this is what you see.

Okay, now we're back at the front door and we're pretending we just walked in the front door. Look to your right and you'd see this red astrosity, that we are planning to use as an office/scrapbook room.

Yes, red paint and a sponge are definitely to blame for this. But, in better news, I found 2 gallons of unopened red paint that I was able to sell in the yard-sale for $1 each. Score!

Looking out of the office and across the entryway is the dining room which was attacked by the green-paint-monster.

On the other side of the wall on your right (above) is this hallway (below).

It's quite narrow and very uninteresting, so our plan is to knock that wall out and open up that whole area with a few columns for support.

Got any ideas or comments, feel free to post them. I'll be back tomorrow with the living room and kitchen.


Hannah said...

like you can't see all the really "bad" stuff in pictures. The house looks to have a TON of character!
I just love the idea of knocking down the hallway wall, that is going to really open the place up and give you so much more room!

Unknown said...

I can see why you guys love this house so much, it's just GORGEOUS!!! TFS!

stephanie howell said...

oooh. the baseboards!! the crown moulding!!! the heart that is in that house is BEAUTIFUL. now the red sponge paint reminds me of an internal organ. ewww. Can't wait to see what you do!! xo

Kimber-Leigh said...

it is gorgeous! (despite all the yuck...i'm with you, no mice for me please!)

*reyanna* said...

Woohoo! I LOVE this! Next time I'm in Kentucky, may I *please* come for a visit?! :D

Or if there are more houses like that one, perhaps we'll just move there... :)

Do you think I could find one here in Austin?! :D

Anonymous said...

You could put transoms over the doors to the office and to the dining for effect. Also, You could close up the door into the dining room (from the hall) and open up just the center of the wall
along the hall with columns for support. You may want to consider square columns with molding (instead of round) to go with square transom windows. Call Cookie--she is an interior designer and master gardener.
Linda F.

Houston said...

Who used to live there, Santa Clause?! All that red and green, oh my!!!

I love the idea of opening it up putting up a few columns, our friends did something similar and had a low bookcase built between a column and the end wall, it's a great place to put albums and display bits and a very handy place for snacks when you have a party!