Monday, June 15, 2009


Several of you have already noticed my new blog design. Didn't Amanda do a fabulous job? She's done several blogs that I just loved, plus she's an amazing scrapper, so I was ecstatic to have her give me an update.

We now have a geese infestation at our farm. It started with just a couple goslings and I'd say, "awwww, how cute." But, now, it's turned into a traffic hazard and a mess of, well, mess. But, I still say, "awww, how cute."

At this point, I must point out that Greg (in all seriousness) calls the goslings, "Gosselins." This is just another typical Greg moment that keeps me amused from day to day. Anyone know where he got "Gosselin"? Well, we've quit watching that show, but apparently the vibes are still seeping through.

And, probably the reason you're here is to see my sneaks for Studio Calico's July kits.

This one contains all items from the main kit plus the acetate paper from the DIRECTOR's CUT add-on.

This one is a sneak of my favorite layout I've done so far this month. And, it's a 2-pager, too!!!
All the items except for the camera stamp are in the FIELD NOTES add-on.


meganklauer said...

Awesome sneaks! Love the new blog look!

lisa truesdell said...

loving the blog design - and the sneaks!

vtpuggirl said...

Love your new blog! Amanda did a great job! Great sneaks, and the geese are too cute (so messy) but cute!

Mandi said...

The sneaks look great! I see two things I love verrrry much: misting and hand cut titles. :)

Amber said...

Love the new blog design...verrry cute! =)

Emily Pitts said...

these colors together w/ the calico are SO intriguing, i'm truly excited to see what you've done! great sneaks :)

Kimberly said...

The Geese family is wonderful. Love your new blog look and cannot wait for the REVEAL of all of your projects.