Monday, June 8, 2009

garden tour

Since Amber and Trevor moved to Nashville, we've been horrible at getting together. Last month, after a visit to Jack's BBQ, we decided we'd set a date every month to get together and they'd keep their eyes and ears open for events in Nashville. Thankfully, this weekend was the Garden tour and Amber secured the tickets. The proceeds benefitted Monroe Harding in Belle-Meade.

Here we are at mine and Greg's home. Remember the farmhouse we were renovating??? heehee
The copper gutters on this place cost more than our entire house, I'm pretty sure.

Some of my favorite flowers on the entire tour. Anyone know what the one on the left is?

Another favorite. Can't remember what this one is either. It's really a shame I went to a garden show and I haven't retained any knowledge.

Now, this one was never labeled and I saw it at 3 houses. Anyone care to tell me what this bush is?

It was a wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous and the gardens were beautiful. At one house, we asked the owner about the upkeep and she has a gardener come twice a month for 8 hours each time to do all the trimming. Ah...if only....

For the rest of the week, I'll be posting farmhouse photos as we're in full-on destruction mode. Please check back each day for updates.


Mia said...

Those flowers are gorgeous April! Wish I could tell ya what they are but um, I'm no expert in the flower dept. LOL!

Houston said...

The gardens look beautiful, but like you I don't remember much I learned at the garden tours. If you find out what it is will you post the names, please, I need some shade plants for the front of the house.

Lisa said...

Beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, I would have to ask my Mom what they are. Can't wait to see pics of your home-in-progress!

St├ęph said...

First time for me posting in your blog, just to tell you I'm pretty sure the last one is a bush of hellebores. And perhaps the 1st one is an hydrangea, no ?

And beautiful pictures !

Anonymous said...

Just read this having had a mega look back on your blog!!! The red one is a pelargonium with a hydrangea (white) in the background. The 'bush' is a Hellibore or sometimes called a lentem rose or a christmas rose as they can flower at those times. CCx