Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pure delight

Meet Joshua.

My mom and her brother, Jody, are 13 years apart. Surprisingly, he was the planned child for my grandparents. He and I grew up together since we're only 11 years apart, so we're less like uncle-niece and more like cousins.

When he and his wife had children, they became more like my nephews than my cousins, and my mom says she feels like their grandmother. Scary, but I'm glad she's got someone to practice on :)

So, my cousin Joshua turned 7 in February, but due to being ill (plus a lack of organization from his parents), we celebrated his birthday this month. Luckily, it was a beautiful day and all the boys enjoyed playing football, basketball and tie-dying shirts. Below are some photos of the event.

The photo above is my favorite of the whole day. He had gotten a movie, Big Tin (or something like that) and squealed with delight when he opened it.

And, even though my aunt and uncle may give belated parties, they sure know how to raise sweet and grateful boys. On our way to the car, Joshua left all his friends and ran to give Mom and I a hug and told us, "Thank you for coming to my party," completely of his own free will. So, in about 13 years, (hopefully not sooner) I think he's going to have his pick of the ladies!


Lisa said...

Such adorable pictures and what a sweet little boys. Moments like that can't help but touch your heart!

Kristii said...

What a cutie!!! Looks like it was a spectacular day!!! Kids are such a blessing in our lives and it is so special you are so close to them!!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Houston said...

He is adorable and sounds like a great kid!

Angela W said...

That is great! Sounds like you have an awesome family! Great pics!