Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i still have it

Sunday was my 29th birthday, but I felt like my birthday was better celebrated on Monday.

Cara made me this

Then, she and Lorie surprised me by bringing Natalee and Carter up to the office to eat it with me. So sweet (literally) and thoughtful of them. I seriously have the best friends, because they know I'm horrible at remembering dates, yet they still remember the dates important to me.

Then, around 4:00 I got a phone call from Greg saying that we were going to go to the rock wall in Nashville with some of the college kids from church.

Fiona belaying Cody.
The next images that follow, keep in mind it's been more than 10 years since I've done this. (I'm following only the white markers over that ledge)

To get to that next hold, I had to hang by my arms and hoist myself to move my right foot to that small hold to the right of my right knee. I was feeling very Tom-ish from MI2.

And, here I was wishing I had stuck with Pilates so I would have been elongated to reach. Nevertheless, I made it to the top.

Fun times were had by all and sore muscles will follow.


Lauren said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL time! Happy Birthday again! And I miss pilates too...

Houston said...

Oh I love rock walls, sheesh don't know if I would have the arm strength to get over that overhang you go girl!

Sweet Peripety said...

go april! i think rock walls are great, but I have never tried them! LOL!

Anonymous said...

totally groovy...didn't know you were a rock climer?! i know you haven't done it in 10 years, but you made it look easy. when i was in the army with my hubby, he taught me how to rock climb...loved it. we climbed out in arizona. now i'm a little too weak and puny to do anything. glad you enjoyed your birthday :)

*reyanna* said...

Oh, I'm SO jealous! I have a rock climbing membership I have been unable to use because I've been so busy. Ack. I need to get over there! LOL. Glad you had fun! You look awesome!

Mari said...

love the cake!!
You and me are at the same age:)
80 is a wonderful year:)

Jaime Lee said...

Happy Belated Birthday April!

Emily Pitts said...

yay for you rock climbing. i am terrified of trying that!