Monday, March 30, 2009

i think i need to get him some wranglers

It might look more authentic, don't you think?

We've been spending lots of afternoons at the farm lately. The barn is coming down, slower than we thought due to rainy weather, but should be gone by the end of the week. The unusable lumber from the barn will be burned, so Greg had to move the fence so it wouldn't burn along with the barn.

We're inching closer and closer to buying cows and a tractor. The grass is growing like crazy and we need something to keep it in check. Do ya'll know anything about Zetors? And, while you're at it, any cow advice would be helpful, too. We're thinking we won't buy heifers, that we want cows who've had at least one calf, since we're inexperienced at pulling a calf.


Lisa said...

Good morning. We, well my parents, have polled herefords. Polled means without horns. They are the reddish-brown cows with white faces. You have to watch your older males as they will fight. This is his preferred breed. His dad had Angus (solid black), but Dad did not want them because he says they will jump fences and are not as passive as the herefords. I will tell you Dad absolutely babies his cattle - they get sweet feed every day. But, I can go out in the pasture with them, be respectful of them, and do fine. Heck, the bull will even eat out of my hand! Have fun!! It is a blast to watch the calves run with their tails straight up and then watch them try to butt a hay bale because they think they are so big! Cows are also amazingly very family oriented, really take care of one another, and are great weather predictors. Oh - and both the polled herefords and Angus are beef cattle. Hope that helps some! I think I am as excited about your move to the farm as you are!! When I move again - it will be farther out in the county too!


Nicole said...

I'm so jealous of your country life, April! :) It sounds like you're moving right along and getting more settled. Enjoy!
p.s. sorry, i know NOTHING about cattle!

Angela W said...

Would he wear Wranglers though and would it be "him"?? Love hearing all about your plans for the farm!

Karen said...

Love reading about your farm plans. I am such a city girl but love to read about country life! Would g really wear Wranglers? He doesn't have to just to be a farmer!

Cassandra West said...

Don't have any advise on the cows! But on the Wrangler yes!! Plus some cowboy boots!! Love the photo!! Congrats too!!