Tuesday, March 24, 2009

coming down

It's a bit sad to see this old stock-barn coming down. I'm sure it brought the previous owners lots of joy, but so far it's only brought us rusted bikes, molded hay, and aged manure.

In a couple of days it will be completely gone, but I'm happy to report that after it's treated for various bugs, it will be making it's way to the children's wing of St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. They've requested it and I'm sure it will bring them much more joy than it did us.
Greg also opted to keep a couple of doors and to give one to the previous owner who is a photographer and backyard neighbor of ours. After we had taken photos in front of the barn, he decided we needed to keep back a piece for future photo ops.

Here I am upset that he couldn't frame a photo correctly. (pretending of course)
I was so frustrated because I would take a photo of him and show him how he was the subject of the photo and filled the frame, then he would take a photo of me and it looked like he was taking a photo of the barnwood instead, and my head just happened to get in the way. Silly guy.

By the way, I did buy these actions that I mentioned earlier and used the Color Pop one on the photo above.

Hope you're having a great week.


Lisa said...

Great idea, and very thoughtful, to donate the wood. I am sure it will make something beautiful the kids to play on!!
I love hearing about your new adventure. If I could have my "dream" house, it would be an older one. There are days I think I was born in the wrong generation!!

Anonymous said...

How cool that the wood can be recycled! I love that about the whole thing! I wonder what the hospital will use it for? I would love to have such a great natural backdrop for photos!

Oh, I rarely give Dene the camera. He does the same thing. It's always more about the background. His argument is that if he doesn't do that how will I know where I was? My argument is - If I want a photo of the scenery, I'll just take one of the scenery! Men.

Houston said...

That is very cool that the wood is going to have a new home! Love that photo, I understand the problem with husbands and photos, mine always seems to get me at the WORST angles :P

Emily Pitts said...

ok, i totally laughed out loud when i read your photo framing comments. we were at the beach yesterday and i asked kelly to take my picture w/ the rock behind me. i'll have to show you the picture. it's EXACTLY what you described!