Monday, February 23, 2009

why would he tell me that?

A couple mornings ago, Greg told me this:

"You know how when you're asleep, you put your arm over your face and it goes to sleep? Well, last night I woke up and my arm was asleep and I picked it up with my other hand to move it. I positioned it above the bed to just drop down, but instead, it hit me in the face."

Why would you tell on yourself like that? I guess the same reason I would answer "trundle bed" when Greg asked me what some director got an award for on the Oscars last night. In my defense, he woke me up by asking and I guess trundle beds were on my brain. Whatever.

In other news, Jett is learning a new trick. Hopefully, I'll have video to show at some point.
He already has extreme control over his ear movements, so Greg's teaching him to move them on command. This is "Ears Down" or "Humble Dog."
A few questions have been asked about our move and I'll share more later.


Anonymous said...

um, i did that arm thing to myself last night and now have a big fat lip to prove it. We clumsy people have to stick together :)

Houston said...

Oooh I like Humble Dog, can Greg come teach my new addition not to fear paper trimmers? Don't worry all men tell on themselves... my DH does it all the time, I think it's some sort of male bonding technique that they want to share with us.

Angela W said...

My arm(s) used to fall asleep alot, but I honestly can't say I ever let it fall on my face! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - that photo is the cutest thing evah! Smarty pants little dog that is! :)