Tuesday, February 24, 2009

typical greg moment #48

Yes, it's that time again. Time for another TGM. This time, his prey was a perfectly content 18-month-old sitting very quietly having a grand time, just sitting in a box while his mommy packed kits.

Meet Carter.
Box + Sippy = 1 happy boy

Enter Greg.

Greg decides the thing to do in this situation is to make the box into a pull cart.

Lanyard + Bungee Cord = Caveman-Style Wagon
Greg immediately began to pull Carter up and down the hallway in our office building. Seriously, Carter didn't even crack a smile. Nothing. But, Greg was having fun, which leads to this photo.
Since Greg showed more emotion than Carter, Natalee figured the fun was in the pulling, not in the being pulled, so she decided to give it a try.
um....not as much fun as riding.

Is my husband the only person who makes children's toys out of trash?

And, some last sneaks of Studio Calico's Garment District kit which goes on sale Friday at midnight EST.

By the way, considering my scrapbook room is completely boxed up, I'm very proud of myself for coming up with 2 more layouts this month. Just patting myself a bit on the back. Don't mind me.


Kimber-Leigh said...

sigh. april your sneaks are gorgeous. can't wait to see more. can. not. wait.

and, um, yes. i make children's toys out of trash. my proudest creation was a train out of some huge boxes from southern living at home. there was an engine and a passenger car. yep. i was pretty proud of it too. i've got a pic of it somewhere!

Emily Pitts said...

pat away, these are definitely pat worthy!

The Mom said...

These look great, I love how you use that mist!!

Christina O said...

Love your sneaks esp the one with the mist. Your so good at misting your layouts.

Houston said...

Good job getting sneaks done without a scraproom! I can't wait to see the complete layouts! ... and yes all men make toys out of trash, my DH, DS, and Dad once spent a weekend crafting a lobster boat from a treadmill box and other odd and ends. It entertained them for months, repairing and changing the designs.

Tina said...

you're so good at using those mists! this is going to be a fun reveal. :) good luck with the move.

Kimberly said...

LOVE your sneaky's tooo!
Darling/FUN photographs too! xoxo

Angela W said...

Go ahead give yourself a few pats April! Great sneaks! Your husband sounds like mine! LOL!

nicole said...

love the sneaks - have fun packing.
p.s. my mom makes toys out of anything, including trash. must be her creative outlet...