Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 3: a new card + some weekend pics

Do you remember these layouts?

These are some of our favorite people: Corey & Meagan and their two girls, Raven and Tori.

So, we were thrilled when they asked if they could come down for another weekend of Rock Band. Of course, we said, "Yes," and we did have a blast.

Raven remembered feeding the birds with Greg from their last visit in August, and even though there were fewer birds (as in no birds at all because we had the ice storm earlier in the week), Greg obliged and they filled all the birdfeeders. He's such a push-over.

Also, this weekend, I was greeted by Raven on Sunday morning with this conversation:
Me: Good morning, Raven.
Raven: What did you do to your hair? (as if she really wanted to say, "What on earth were you thinking fixing your hair like that?")
Me: I curled it.
Raven: Oh (in a very un-impressed tone).

Humbled. Seriously, I was humbled.

Another discovery this weekend was that I am not the most clumsy person on the face of the planet. I think I take 2nd place to Tori. Some of the clumsiness this weekend:
  1. falling out of a solid walnut (heavy) kitchen table chair, and taking the chair with her
  2. falling over her own two feet too many times to count
  3. running into Stephen's foot at our Superbowl party
  4. doing a faceplant into the driveway when she first arrived at our house
  5. dumping the water into the cake mix along with the entire measuring cup
  6. banging her hip about 100 times on the coffee table, and saying, "Ow" with a puzzled look on her face every time. She would gaze at the table as if it jumped out in front of her.
  7. most of the food on her utensils never made it to her mouth
So, she was our source of laughter this weekend. I even felt a little bad about it because Greg is like a 12-year-old boy when he sees someone fall. It doesn't matter if it's on TV, an 80 year old woman, or a 3 year old, if he sees someone fall, he absolutely can't control his laughter.

Whatever the case, I thought this picture depicted Tori's (on the right) running form the best.
And some more pictures from the farm.

After we were there for about an hour, Raven asked, "When are we going to the farm?"

I seriously about wet my pants.

And, since it's Feb 3, here's my 3rd card of the month. Hope you like it.
Supplies: Stamps (Noah Alphabet by Studio Calico); Glossy Accents; Patterned Paper (Cosmo Cricket)

I'll have another card tomorrow plus some more photos from our trip to sunny Cali.


Nicole said...

ok, i've yet to see you be clumsy, but that poor girl sounds like a hoot, lol. loving your pics of the farm...keep 'em coming. =)

Chris Dodaj said...

oh, clumsy, yeah, you haven't met me yet in person! Except for when I'm pregnant, I'm covered in bruises, literally.

I love the layouts, so gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics april :) and i love getting another peek at those fab pages.

Anonymous said...

nice pages and great pics.

julie.schellin said...

thanks so much for the laughs - I needed that!

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh you have me giggling! I LOVE this post and your creations and your photographs are DARLING! Wish I could have seen your hair...I bet you looked FANTABULOUS as always! xoxo