Thursday, February 5, 2009

day 5: a simple card

Supplies: Typewriter; Chipboard (KI Memories); Brads (Basic Grey, Creative Imaginations)

This week has consisted of shipping, shipping, shipping, and yes, some more shipping.

And, since my last post, falling, falling, and some more falling.

I saved the falling scene in the Jon&Kate+8 episode below (at 4:48-5:00min) for Greg to see last night. Yes, we rewound it and watched no less than 5 times. It's better in HD, but the effect is the same when Joel says, "I fall everyday," which brought even more giggles from G-man.

Then, I got an email from Stephanie saying that I needed to see this video from her blog. So, G-man watched it on his phone 3 times while laying in bed before he went to sleep. No doubt he had falling dreams all night long.

Thus the 12-year-old sense of humor continues.

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stephanie howell said...

love you guys.