Friday, February 20, 2009

typical greg moment #342

This typical Greg moment (TGM) began with me finding Greg in the corner of the garage with red tape stuck on his nose. I really could begin and end the story here, but I must tell you more.

My question, "Greg, what are you doing?"
Greg: "My sinuses haven't been the same since we left California. I want to move to California."

Hmmmm....didn't really answer the question.

Greg: "Those breathe-right strips are so expensive."


Now, the story moves inside where there's better light and a better work surface.

Postal tape + Big B Cleaners collar-stay. That'll work much better.
Not enough sticky on the postal tape....back to work.

Double-sided tape + postal tape + collar-stay = redneck breathe-right strip
(kind of looks like he's flipping me off here)
Now, can't you see that open airway? So much better.

If you think this is too crazy to actually be true, you probably won't believe me when I tell you that he slept with that on all night long and woke up talking about how much better he could breathe.

Without further adieu, sneaks from the fabulous March Kit, Garment District that goes on sale 12:00am EST on the 28th. That's a week from tonight!
All items above in the main kit.
Main Kit + Gingham add-on (above)
Main Kit + Taffeta add-on (above)
Main Kit + Chiffon add-on (above)
Main kit + Taffeta add-on

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Redneck breathe right strip!!!
I'm dyin'.
Greg is the McGyver of cold remedies. :)

LOVE the sneaks, April! I'm all KINDS of anxious for this reveal!


Mandy said...

LMAO! Greg is a hoot. I'm going to show this to my hubby maybe he can make his own version since he too thinks the breathe right strips are expensive.He so needs those things too drives me crazy sometimes.
Love your sneaks can't wait to see the full reveal.

Unknown said...

Redneck breathing strip??? I'm cracking UP here!! Great sneaks. Can't wait to get my hands on this kit!

Anonymous said...

holy crap i'm still laughing at this post!!
loving the redneck breathe right strip and your description of the whole thing april--did that thing actually stay on there??

anyway, your sneaks look awesome, as usual, and i think i'm up for my first month buying all THREE add-ons--i can't choose between 'em!


Erin said...

Oh my! Thanks for the laugh...well thank Greg I guess! Too funny! Your sneaks are yummy! I'm dying to see the full reveal!

Angela W said...

LOL! My hubby uses the clear passage strips. They are like $2.86 a pack. Do need some sent to you? LOL! Love your sneaks, but you just made it harder to decide which add ons to get! Thanks alot!

Kimber-Leigh said...

laughing at your dear husbands expense...that is a funny story!

and oh...i'm so excited for the reveal...but in a quandry over what to choose!

Emily Pitts said...

tell greg that vicks works very well to open the sinuses... :) i think it's funny that you call greg's contraption a redneck invention, considering your recent post on the difference between red- and roughnecks!

beautiful sneaks by the way :)

Houston said...

That is hilarious... seriously who would have known... well I guess the breathe right guy probably did!
Great sneaks, can't wait to see the whole thing... is that a set of alphabet stamps that you stamped on the grid paper? How did you do that?

Jenn O said...

Will he sell them more inexpensively...because I could seriously use some! LOL. I agree with g, he's the McGyver of remedies. :)

Fabulous sneaks, as always, I'm a little awed already.

vtpuggirl said...

Maybe this is the wrong answer, but I think I'm to try the redneck strips! I am! I love the sneaks, those thickers are just killing me, I want them all!

nicole said...

holy smokes...i have tears coming out of my eyes right now...
great sneaks, but you guys aren't making it any easier to choose. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh holy moly. Your hubs is one funny guy. Can't wait to see the layout titled redneck breathes right! Ha Ha! :) OK - being listed among the funny crew on the blog may have gone to my head.

Anyway - love the fact that you are identifying the sneaks by which kit(s) from which they were made! That makes me very happy!

Tina said...

i always look forward to seeing your gallery every month.

meagan said...

I love you guys!!! So funny. I had a feeling I was going to be seeing at least one of those pictures you all took of the girls. And seriously-you are so creative-I saw the "sugar" as part of the title on that page and knew right away what the rest of it said. I would not have thought to do that. I've been doing some advertising for ya!

Kimberly said...

Super sneaks...yes, that breath right thingy is too funny!

caroline said...

your sneaks always make me swooooon.

and greg is too funny.

Aimee Ann said...

men are geeks. my husband is much the same. once he tried to put an accidentally stolen walmart basket on top of our fridge for cracker and cereal storage. this post made me crack up!