Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, this is what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. Packing, packing and more packing.

The last time we sold a house and had to move, it was a week before Christmas and the buyer wanted to be in before Christmas, so it was a scuffle to get packed and moved in time.

This time, we had a little more warning. We sold the house the week after Christmas and will be moving out on February 28. So, I've been very methodical and packed every night and on weekends for the last 2 weeks. At first, I was very overwhelmed, wondering how I would get it done in time, but little by little I became less stressed as I saw more and more rooms cleared out.

My scrapbook room (above).

Also, this move has given me a bit more time to think about the things I will miss. 2 things off the top of my head:

Addy and Jett sitting on our bed the whole day while we're gone to work, just looking at the birds.
The view of Drakes Creek out our back yard.

The upcoming week will be full of cleaning and dusting to get the house ready for the buyers. I'm thrilled that they value the view as much as we do and that they want to keep the window treatments and some of the decorations. It just makes me feel good.


Hannah said...

parts of moving are exciting, and other parts are sad. We've moved three times in the past two years, and right now I love our home, and the location. In about two weeks we will be moving again...and, it's an adventure...i know nothing about the new city/state...and i'm more excited than anything, although I know I will miss my friends here.
The exciting part...i'm already decorating all of the rooms in our new house! (in my head of course, since we don't have a home yet, so I really have no idea what I will be's fun to dream though!)
Good luck with the move!

Angela W said...

Where are you and Greg moving to? I am not sure I knew you were moving. Sounds like you are getting a lot done.

Kimberly said...

Are you staying in Bowling Green, KY?

stephanie howell said...

hope you are doing okay, i know it's stressful. wish i could come'll do it though. you are the most motivated, organized person i know. xo

kathleen said...

Best of luck to you April!! Moving is so draining, but all your hard work packing will pay off in your new place!

Kimber-Leigh said...

moving is always a crazy time...but it looks like you are off to a great start!

i can't wait to see pictures of your moving in and getting settled in a new place...and i didn't realize you were moving either!

hope this week goes well!