Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, it's been an very very hectic week yet again. Hundreds of packages were mailed from Studio Calico (more on that at the Studio Blog this week which will be hosted by Lorie), and it was our VBS. Greg took Noah and Nadiya Monday through Wednesday (I was away in Cincy for work) and then I returned on Thursday and they came Thursday and Friday nights as well. It's so fun to see the little kids enjoying learning about the Bible. It really just makes me smile :)

But, then, this weekend, Greg played in the Corvette Golf Tournament down in Nashville while I helped Scarlet get her house ready for her sister's bridal shower today. I also had a chance to do some scrapping (which I can't share with you just yet), but let me tell you, it's fabulous!!!

Today got me thinking about the rituals that make up our know, the things we do over and over again without even thinking why we do it or evaluating if it makes sense.

Every morning, Greg lets the dogs out the back door and they make a beeline for the treeline where a family of chipmunks live. The other day, my mom stopped by to pick up something from my house. No one was home, but when she opened our garage door using the code, the dogs were in the garage. Someone must have left the door open that leads to the garage and so the dogs, who are normally kept inside, hung out in the garage all day. They took off out from under the garage door, did a lap around the house, then came inside and waited for my mom to put on their shock collars (don't be mad at us if you think shock collars are cruel. Actually, we took the shock mechanism out and so now they just beep when the dogs get close to the edge of our property, but the dogs think they will get shocked so it works just fine.). Anyway, they ran inside and wanted their shock collars put on so they could leave out the back door and run to the chipmunk colony. Strange, right? I mean, they were already outside, but something about that ritual told them to come back inside and put their collars on. And, yet another ritual that doesn't make sense:

Greg feeding the birds. We spend $50 a month on suet (sp?), corn sticks, and birdseed!!! Why??? I have no idea. I know you can't count them, but we have 3 birdfeeders in these pictures.

Linda Barber (aka threecowboys) has a shirt that's pictured on her avatar that says "Birds will be the death of me." I share her sentiment!


Anonymous said...

funny about the dogs! My Boone - who ran away at the sign of any opening has actually learned to stay close to the group. We go hiking and he doesn't need his leash. He'll run ahead until he can't see us and then he'll stop and turn around, come halfway back as if to say "hurry up you slowpokes!" and then takes off. He does this the entire hike. Dogs are funny like that.

stephanie howell said...

you guys are so stinkin' cute, i can hardly stand it.
and crows and squirrels will be the death of ME.
they have invaded my backyard.

Mia said...

You're dogs sound soo funny. Just like my little princess she's the clown of the house.

Sharie said...

It's fun to read about others' rituals. You have some good dogs, funny how they have their habits, too. I hope the birds come often to feed, and make the $$ seem worth it by bringing you lots of enjoyment this summer!

ricanlaw said...

I totally get it April. I love to feed the birds and watch them in their natural element. We have a cardinal and blue jay family in our backyard. They act like they own the property and it makes me smile. :)