Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Being on the road lends itself to hours upon end of internet surfing. I've run into some clever things tonight and thought I would share :)

Pencil/Notebook can be found here.

Below is a tomKIT

So, you're probably wondering what a tomKIT is.....

Here's a super-funny description (not written by me)

No, it's not a slightly freakish tabloid couple, but Time Of Month KIT, a handy, super eco-friendly pack to prevent any type of girlie emergency. With the tomKIT, you can flush away your landfill guilt along with these special feminine wipes, and yes, pads. There's also organic hand sanitizer and a yummy lip balm plus a disposable and biodegradable pair of underpants which does the job, even if it's not quite right for date night.

Too funny!!!! (but seriously, I could have used one of these today)

And, one more...then I must get to sleep.

These are Man Notes. So, instead of asking Greg to write his thank-you notes on stationery with flowers on it, he can use the ones with a lawn mower, or drill, or...well you get the idea.


Suzyhomemaker said...

Ha! I love the man notes especially, they crack me up. I couldn't tell if the last one was a drill or a gun though, I guess either way it's more manly than flowers :)

stephanie howell said...

ooh, awesome. i think jimmy's man notes need army things on them.
so so funny.

mom2ee said...

I love the man notes...now if i could just get my man to write notes...

Joy Madison said...

love the undies card!!! That's so funny!!! Jon bought "map" cards to write me letters on before we were married. They were just old maps cut up for cards. They were very manly:)