Monday, June 16, 2008

national geographic

I know I've mentioned before about Greg and his obsession with wildlife. Well, raccoons are no exception. As soon as I got home today, Greg was giddy with excitement. He was so proud to tell me about the mom and 3 baby raccoons that he saw walk along our stone wall in the back yard and then eat the birdseed off the stump.

Then, he told me to make sure to look at the pictures on the camera.

There were 32 pictures of raccoons and even on the small LCD screen on the camera, I could tell Greg's counting skills needed some work.

And, so begins another season of having to guard the dogs from raccoons, possums, moles, turkeys, and whatever else traverses our backyard.

Perhaps I should get him a telephoto lens for Christmas.

And, something I love....the July kit from Studio Calico. Trust me when I say I hope you've saved your money. These kits and this add-on (Venice) is my particular favorite.


stephanie howell said...

heheeh...that story makes me laugh.
greg and his wildlife fetish is funnnny.
can't wait to see that have the most beautiful handwriting.

Denise said...

Oh...I believe that add on is going to be my favorite, too, based on your peek. :o)

Greg took awesome photos. He might want to join in on the POTD challenge. LOL! Tell him I would like to see photos of possums next. I have those in my backyard, too, and ummm...yuck.

Alex Hardy said...

that little tid-bit looks lovely.
funny COON story too! :)

Barb said...

My hubby has a wildlife obsession, too. He drives down the highway and screams out things like, "Look! There's a deer." And veers the car in whatever direction the deer is.

I swear, it's going to be the death of me someday!

Thanks for the sneak.

vtpuggirl said...

You had me at hello! Love your sneak, glad the sneak wasn't the wildlife, that had me puzzled.

vtpuggirl said...
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Brenda Hurd said...

i can already tell that i'm in trouble with this months kit! Love the pictures!!

Greta said...

wild animals are fascinating...and lend themselves to telling great stories! ;)

love the sneak peek!

liz mataraza said...

that is yummy!

nice animal kingdom going on in your backyard there. we have snakes. much rather have raccoons.

Anonymous said...

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