Saturday, June 14, 2008

getting ready for father's day

No big plans around my house today. Greg's playing in a golf tournament today and I'm here working with my July Studio Calico kit, cleaning house, and Scarlet will be dropping her kids by today so she can do some shopping for her sister's wedding, which is next weekend.

Here's what I've done so far:
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • started the laundry
  • cleaned our master bath
  • taken pics of the dogs :)
Someone mentioned the other day that I don't scrap any more with photos of Addy and Jett, so I didn't want them to feel neglected.

Here's my pretty girl, Addy. I had just given them Dingo bones and they both react to them in a highly predictable way.
At first, Addy just sits there looking at Jett chew his bone. Mind you, she's watching him because she wants to steal it after he gets it nice and soft. Meanwhile her bone is sitting off to the side and is perfectly chewable, but she doesn't want that bone. SPOILED!

Notice the technique she uses to get Jett's bone. She's within inches of his snout.
Jett, still chewing away.
And, an aerial view of her technique.
This time, she wasn't successful, probably because I was snapping pictures of the process, but I would say 90% of the time, she's able to weasel away his bone.

And, below are a couple cards I made for Father's Day. The first will be for my dad.

Can you tell I got happy with the circle-puncher?
To make this one, I used the following supplies:
First, I punched the circles out of my cardstock, then adhered them to my card using quik-dry adhesive. I'm not sure who manufactures it, but it's available at Hobby Lobby (or thru Studio Calico if you were lucky enough to get an add-on in April).

Notice how the circles are "chopped off" evenly across the bottom. To do that, I only adhered the top half of those circles, waited for the adhesive to dry, then used an exacto knife with a ruler and sliced through the circles.

For the paint, I used the end of a paint brush and dabbed it in my paints and dotted away!
This card is for my father-in-law. It was kind of a toss-up which one to give to which dad, since both like coffee, but in the end, I thought my dad would appreciate the paint and ruler stamp edging in the card above more than Greg's dad.
Here are the supplies I used for this one:
  • Cardstock (Bazzill)
  • Ticket (Jenni Bowlin)
  • Chipboard (Maya Road)
  • Alphabet PP (Studio Calico promo card)
  • Coffee scalloped circle (coaster from Cracker Barrel)
  • Letter Stickers (EK Success)
  • Patterna Stamp Set (Fontwerks)
  • Chalk Ink (Colorbox)
  • Edge Distresser (Heidi Swapp)
Hope you like them and I hope the dads in your life have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Tonya said...

Love the cards, way too cute. I have a hard time making 'guy' cards. thanks for the inspiration.

Also love the photos. They're so cute.

liz mataraza said...

beautiful cards...

it's the Cracker Barrel coaster, isn't it...that's in the kit? i know i saw the JB tickets at least.

dang it! i promised i wouldn't rack my brain over this stuff...but you guys have me hooked!

Sharie said...

Your dogs are such cute characters, great pictures. Your Fathers' Day cards are so cool, and your work is very inspiring!

Nicole said...

oh, you are a sneaky Pete indeed!!

april said...

akaliz, nope, it's not the cracker barrel coasters. guess again :)