Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cabo continued

We did so many things in such a short time, I tell ya! This is Day 2 of our trip. We began the day on a boat ride out to the famous arch. I could tell it would be a good trip when I saw this in the marina!!! Can you believe how close the sea lion came to shore...unbelieveable!

Anyway, we went out a little farther and saw some Mexican chickens.....also known as pelicans :)

Then, even farther, we saw a ton more sea lions. They were everywhere! Some were more playful, but the older ones just laid there and could care less that a boat-load of tourists were taking their picture.

This is a view off the end of the boat of Lover's beach. It's a small patch of sand that is only accessible by boat. I guess you could rappel down to it off the cliffs, but that's much less romantic than a boat ride!
And, finally, we made it to the incredible!!!! I didn't realize that this is the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula and divides the sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. You wouldn't believe how much colder, windier, and choppy the water is on the Pacific side. Just a few feet make a huge difference!
Later that day, we went to a glass blowing factory, which was one of the highlights of the trip! I was the type of kid that loved the segment on Reading Rainbow where they showed how straws were manufactured, so this was top notch!

The glass here was not made from sand, it was made purely from recycled bottles (probably tequila bottles, if you ask me!). They would peel the labels off, break the bottles, then put the glass in an oven that heated up to 1200 that's hot! Then, the guy would stick this metal pole in and start blowing, and rolling, and pressing, and over and over again. Do you notice anything peculiar in this photo? He's not wearing gloves! ouch!
For our demonstration, he made a glass sea turtle and it was so cute! They had to set the block of wood on fire underneath it, because if the glass cooled too fast it would crack.
Can you tell I enjoyed that part of my trip? So neat!

This was a really hectic day, because this excursion was supposed to end at 2:00, then we had spa appointments at 3:00. So, much to my dismay, this happened on the way back to our hotel:

Time to panic! A belt had snapped and we were stranded, waiting on another bus to arrive.

This is the occasion where the 2nd best 100 pesos were spent. Greg quickly got us a taxi and we hightailed it back to the hotel.

I'm happy to report that we (barely) made it on time to our spa appointments, but they were well worth the extra pesos to help us arrive on time. I had some type of body massage and exfoliant, plus a facial....which by the way, my hair was entirely covered in grease after that experience. And, Greg had the Shiatzu massage. I don't know what it is, but something about pressure points and wrapping him up in a cocoon. That's about all I understood from his description of the event.

All in all, we had a jam-packed, but awesome day 2!


stephanie howell said...

your trip was crazy!!
and beautiful.
sometimes i feel like i will never get to go anywhere again...thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.
and mexican chickens?

Anonymous said...

i think you hit everything a vacation should include! love your photos!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love the photo of the's amazing how beautiful this world is!

and i love your report on the glass...of course, now i'm singing the reading rainbow song in my head..."I can go ANYwhere...take a's in a book..." :)