Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cabo baby!!!

What a short trip it was, but oh, did we have so much fun!!!

Day 1, we went to Todos Santos, known as the "last Mexican town." It's a small artisan community and is home to the Hotel California. We stayed most of the day and looked, shopped, and ate at a fabulous "deli." That was by far the best Mexican food I had while I was there, and trust me, I tried it all!

On our way back from Todos Santos, about an hour drive back to Cabo, I had a headache, so I decided to rest my eyes, when all of a sudden THUMP!!!! I opened my eyes to see us heading toward the beach in our rented Mitsubishi Lancer. Greg had decided to go off-road so we could go sit on the Pacific Beach. Anyway, we sat for a while, then I got cold, so we headed back to the car. We were able to drive in reverse just fine, but when we tried to turn around, we got stuck in the sand. Greg found some sticks and stuff to shove under the tires, and we had small victories along the way, but kept getting stuck again and again. After about an hour of that, Greg flagged down a Mexican on an ATV. Then he flagged down 3 in a 4x4 truck. They had a rope (which had seen it's better day) and decided to try to pull us out. Literally, after it was tied up, the car was tied about 4 feet away from the truck.....scary! So we hopped in and they pushed. Needless to say, we tipped them 100 pesos each and that was the best $$$ we spent on the whole trip.

Here's the beach we were at (and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of the car that was stuck):

And one last thing. I have to brag on myself. I did not lose my cool during the whole incident. I was so calm and collected and Greg was so stinkin' proud of me and THAT makes me smile.

I'll update more on my Day 2 of the trip tomorrow, but I've bored you with enough for now.


Emily Pitts said...

glad you guys made it out alive :) and tear free!

Kimber-Leigh said...

gorgeous pictures april...what a great story to tell (even though i'm sure it wasn't fun at the time!)

Suzyhomemaker said...

Whats up with Greg and vehicles in weird places? :) The food looks awesome, I miss good Mexican food. It's just not the same here.