Friday, May 9, 2008

the last of Cabo + some inspo

The last full day we were in Cabo, I was so happy our excursion didn't leave at 8:30am like the others had. We enjoyed breakfast on the beach and had a chance to walk and take pictures before riding out into the desert in one of these at 10:00. If you recognize the truck, I sat in the exact spot Ben Stiller sat in some recent movie (can't remember the name of it). I guess that's as close as I'll get to a brush with fame!

Polo, our tour guide, took us out into the desert and told us about all the plants and whatnot in the area. According to him, those flowers at the top of this cactus are edible and they're very sweet.

Also, he showed us the most popular Mexican plant, it's even represented on their national flag. Would you believe this cactus is edible? It is! And, I had some for lunch. If you didn't know it was cactus, you would have just thought it was some type of slaw, and surprisingly, it was delicious!
This is our guide, Polo. He's a grandfather at 37, and is CRAZY!!!! He used to work in a tequila factory, which explains a lot.
We got back to the hotel around 4:00 and then had to get ready for the awards presentation. All in all, it was a nice trip, but Greg and I have never been to the same place twice, so we probably won't be going back there (at least for a long time). But, if you like dry climates and ocean views, I highly recommend it.

Now that I've been home for a bit, I've had a chance to get back into the scrapping mode. Here's one LO I made after being inspired by Celeste. Just a fun way to play with type and all the extra letters I had lying around.

Then, I still had plenty of left-overs from Studio Calico's May kit, and I had an idea on how I wanted to use the Hambly. Let me know what you think:

I cut all the photos and patterned paper to the same size of the ATC cards on the Hambly. I then pieced them together using only staples. The trick is to start from the inside and work your way out so that the edges end up being even.


Suzyhomemaker said...

oh my goodness, those pictures of Nati are adorable!

You can get the cactus stuff canned at the store, it's not quite as good :) I love Prickly pear candy, did you have any while you were there?

Scrappermania said...

Hola April!
Que gusto que hayas conocido mi pais! Yo soy inscrita en tus kits y realmente son fabulosos!
Tu layout quedo totalmente fabuloso! Me encanto el efecto de las sobras de papel!
Saludos desde México!!!!

Sharie said...

Love that ATC-sized patchwork layout, will definitely have to try that. I've enjoyed all the pictures from your Mexico vacation.
Have a fun weekend!

Joy Madison said...

oh my GOSH!!! Those are both AWESOME layouts!!! in their own ways both are equally RAD:)

Celeste said...

love the challenge lo april. :)

Anonymous said...

You were right April, I love the layout with Nati!

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment is from Lorie, I can not remember my Google password....uuuggghhh!!

Suzyhomemaker said...

Actually, we are switching to YOUR home bible study group :) so count yourself lucky... or unlucky... depends on how they end up looking/tasting :)