Monday, April 28, 2008

taking my breath away

There were two things that took my breath away this week.

  1. Reveal night at Studio Calico. If you were there, you know why my breath was taken away. No, I'm not talking about the gorgeousness of the gallery (yes, I know gorgeousness isn't a word). I'm talking about the 2 hours I held my breath hoping the server would resurface from the dark pit it had descended into. Yikes! It was awful to say the least, but luckily I've been much harder on myself than the rest of you. I must say, Lisa Garay did a fantastic job as guest designer. Her designs are so colorful and intricate, and I just appreciate her style and her photograpy so much.

  2. And, the photographer who took my breath away in a good way: Alicia Bock.

Tell me what you think. I'm seriously considering a purchase.


Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE her work. The trees are amazing and I LOVE her dandelion photo. so serene. buy one!!!! after last night, you deserve it!!! :)

aggiebonfire00 said...

OMG. Last night was crazy! I seriously thought my husband was in cahoots with my computer to make sure that I didn't get any add-ons. I was so glad it was just server problems and was able to stay awake long enough to get the add-ons I just "had" to have! Don't worry about last night! Everyone loves Studio Calico and hopefully next month the server can handle us all coming to shop! Thanks again for such a fun group of products!

Michelle said...

I've been looking at her work. Love it! I'm thinking about getting a canvas size and a few postcards. You should go for it!

Suzyhomemaker said...

Love the pictures! I think they would be great in a guest bedroom.

I'm glad I found your blog too! Love the studio calico stuff, beautiful!

Kimber-Leigh said...

those pictures are gorgeous...i am going to have to check them out too!

i'm sorry reveal night was such a stress for you guys! but we all know how computers work...hardly ever when you need them to :)