Saturday, April 12, 2008

Israel, Italy, Home

On the last day of our trip, Greg had to have a photo taken with Marika, our tour guide as "proof" that she led Tom Cruise's tour. Actually, it was a joke between she and the other guide (we had 2 buses for our group, 1 guide on each bus). They thought he looked like Tom Cruise, but Greg was quick to explain that he wasn't crazy like Tom.
A shot at the airport in Tel Aviv before I was told to put away my camera. They're serious about security case you're wondering.
Once we landed in Milan, we high-tailed it to downtown, where we saw an amazing cathedral. The outside was entirely marble and it's difficult to give perspective because it was so huge I couldn't fit it in the frame of the picture.
Now, here's my favorite thing in Milan....the gelato!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how amazing it tasted. Since I don't speak Italian, I just looked into the glass and picked the flavor that was most eaten. It was raspberry and I loved it! Greg, on the other hand got cut-off on the taste-testing. Seriously! He asked to taste one, then another, then another, then the guy said, "No more."
A shot of Greg and I downtown....tired, can you tell?
We got back home on Tuesday, but I'm still recovering. I came home from the office last night at 7:00pm and went to bed to take a nap while Greg was mowing the lawn. An hour later, he came in and I was sacked out, he offered to warm up some dinner for me, but I was too tired. I just got up, took out my contacts and went straight back to bed. I slept till 8:30am. You do the math...I'm too embarrassed to say how long I slept :)


Erin said...

looks like you two had an amazing time! I'm sure you needed all that catch up sleep. Vacations make you tired you know!

Greta said...

Awesome pictures! What an amazing trip. Welcome back. :)

Barb said...

Welcome back!
I, too, have quite a love of gelato. We Americans don't know what we're missing!

diana albright said...

My only gelato experience was at The Venetian Hotel in Vegas, and it was very good. But something tells me that it would be so much better - divine - in Italy. It looks like you a truly amazing time on your vacation!!

Welcome back!

Kimber-Leigh said...

glad you guys had a great time!
we just discovered a gelato place nearby...and we are hooked! (the tiramisu is my favorite so far!)

Suzyhomemaker said...

I have not had gelato in such a long time!

I don't blame you for sleeping that long, I probably would too :) Glad y'all are back, we missed you!

stephanie howell said...

aw, tom cruise and a wiggles dancer.
you are both so famous!!
hehe, love you two, you are too cute.
and i need to hear more about this trip.

Anonymous said...

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