Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Nemesis


Amber, my sis, came into town all pretty and tan and the first thing she said was, "Don't say anything! It's fake!" (She knows how much I get onto her for tanning.)

So, she offered to give Mom and I a spray tan and I agreed.

That was the wrong decision. The next morning I was splotchy all over my legs and arms (thankfully not my face). So I exfoliated like crazy until it felt like my skin would flake off and then I tried to spot fix it was rub-on self tanner. Still no luck. So, I went back over to Mom's for round 2 of the spray tanning and thankfully Amber was able to fix it.

Catastrophe averted.

Later on Saturday, I had time to do this for Studio Calico. The kit is so versatile this month. I've scrapped vacation photos, Natalee photos, friend photos, made a journal, and I still have so much left I want to do.
Don't forget to come back on the night of the 27th for some goodies leading up to the reveal at midnight on the 28th.


Tina said...

ahyaya....the spray tan. been there myself. I hate tanning and found the Aveda self tanner worked best for me and a good body scrub right before does the trick. good thing your sis was able to fix it!

Cecilia said...

Those tanning products...LOL. I have to admit - I prefer the real thing ;)
Love that sneak!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you take photos??? I've never tried the spray on but have used creams.

Your layout looks great - I'm anxious for the 27th!

stephanie howell said...

oh my gosh,
i can NOT get a good fake tan to save my life.
it always makes me look like an oompa loompa.
love that sneak..
gosh, your pages are always so beautiful and elegant and april-ish.

mom2ee said...

no spray tans for me either. and the sneak is FAB. can hardly wait a week.