Saturday, March 31, 2012

week in review

  1. Claire and I watching "sugar." That's Mary Poppins Spoonful of Sugar on YouTube. She loves musicals and I'm so happy about that. She'll snap her fingers and say "up" as the toys put themselves away.
  2. Block-stacking practice. Here she has 7, but in the bottom right, you'll see her record of 8. She's got champion fine-motor skills.
  3. Outside my window. We've had about 13 gorgeous days in a row.
  4. Scrapping in bed.
  5. Hugging Tess, my friend's lab.
  6. Pushing her boyfriend Grayson.
  7. Watching Pooh on YouTube.
  8. My lunch. Terrible heartburn lately, but my friend and IVF nurse recommended liquid calcium magnesium and truly it's worked wonders. SO HAPPY about that.
  9. The record of 8! Way to go, Claire!
I'm 26 weeks and ready for bedrest to be over. There's a million piles of stuff all over the house and it's stressing me out. I want to o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e. Badly. But, I'm thankful these boys are staying put and for all my friends and family who are helping out. I can deal with the piles I suppose.


Mrs Frizz said...

you are going to have to have your blinkers on and avoid looking at those piles ... far more important to have those boys stay put.

And go Claire on the block tower ... woo hoo! A structural engineer in the making.

Teka Cochonneau said...

Love those block photos... So sweet.

Toby and Valerie Durham said...

I totally understand your frustration with the piles. We had piles of stuff all over the house for about two months at the end of my pregnancy and when I first came home from the hospital. We had to get items ready for the consignment sale and I just couldn't pick up those big tubs and move them.
When I came home from the hospital, I tried to start cleaning stuff and ended up unable to sleep all night because I had worked way too hard for just having a c-section.
Now that I've been home for about 8 days, we have started making progress - a few family members and a good husband have gone to work and I only have the basement left to re-organize. I'm much less stressed now!
So, for now, take it easy. Take care of those babies and realize that everything WILL go back to a different kind of normal soon enough! :)

Jennifer Griffin said...

piles schmiles...but I know how you feel. looking across the room at something that needs to be ordered is very tempting. I love your pictures, Claire is awesome. I'm really impressed by her building skills, she's better than Roan! ;-) I'm glad the cal-mag helped. I wish I had had it on bedrest too. Thinking of you!

Gracie said...

Hang in there April! I can totally relate to being stressed by the "stuff" sitting around and messes here and there. It will get done and work out just fine, you just chill!!!!
Love the photos-thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. :)