Sunday, September 19, 2010

tgm #562 - Nside Magazine Party

Starting this post with a picture I took for Celine while in San Antonio, just because a post without a photo bothers me.

So, for the Typical Greg Moment, here's the story:

We lucked out an got to stay in a pretty swanky hotel here in San Antonio. I like to look for local hotels or something unique to the region. It just so happened this one was running a special and so I hopped on it. The service has been impeccable (unbelieveably so), the breakfast has been superb, and we have a great view. Like I said, pretty swanky.

Last night, the hotel hosted a party for Nside Magazine. We looked over our balcony from the 5th floor and could tell it was a nice affair (as my grandfather would say). The girls all had on cocktail dresses, guys were in suits and ties, and the whole downstairs restaurant level was packed...elbow to elbow with the who's-who of San Antonio (not that I knew any of them by name, but they certainly knew who each-other was).

To get to the Riverwalk for dinner, we normally took the path straight through that lobby area of the restaurant and out the back doors onto the sidewalk. Tonight was no different. I was bound and determined that no high-class party would stop us from taking our normal path outside, so we headed downstairs and straight into the middle of the party. I was in front trying to push through the crowd to the back doors (of course, looking extremely out of place in my blouse and jeans). On one side of me a waiter was passing a tray, the other side, another waiter was delivering some drinks, and in front and everywhere else was the mass of socialites. The crowd was so thick, I didn't even know G was not behind me.

So, as I exited the back door, I looked around. No Greg to my left, no Greg behind me, then all of a sudden I see him to my right. Standing there in his jeans and t-shirt, he held a plate with some hors d'oeuvres, munching away.

I'm convinced if I hadn't been there, he would have settled right in with the who's who and made 20 new best friends and filled his belly full.


Tara said...

Classic. Imagine what a fantastic photo that would have made ... "one of these things is not like the other" :)

Emily Pitts said...

that greg is a keeper :)

Sasha Farina said...

lol.. how cute is that!! do you hv a picture? scrap it!