Friday, September 10, 2010

i think i'll be relocating to asheville, nc

Specifically, I'll be relocating to the Biltmore Inn.

Greg and I were treated like the Vanderbilts themselves during our one-night stay and we quite liked it. We ate delicious food (oh my it was good...have you ever had calamari with hot-wing sauce?), we had a comfortable room, and a shuttle service with a driver Greg could pester with questions.

On our way to Charlotte, we (I) decided we should stop in Asheville to visit the Biltmore mansion. Greg had never seen it before and I was 10 at the time my family went, so it was high-time we visited this landmark just 6 hours from Bowling Green.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon with swollen feet, well 2 of the 4 feet were swollen, and were instantly greeted by the valet which was included with our room. They took care of our luggage and didn't complain a bit about unloading and storing all my boxes of scrapbooking stuff for class so it wouldn't ruin in the hot sun. Upon entering the Inn, we were given our room, which was an upgrade...SWEET - a suite! Compliments of the Biltmore. That's the first time we've ever had that happen, so let me give you a tour:
The view outside our room.

Our foyer.

Our wet-bar, which was only ever looked at.

Our living room, which was never sat in.

And, our bathroom, which had a nice walk-in shower. Even had one of the shower heads just like in our bathroom at home, which made me feel right at home.

More about our trip on the next post, but just so you know, I highly recommend this trip!


Kristyn G said...

Adding the Biltmore to our list of places to visit! I'm seeing a little P-Dub inspiration in those hotel room shots :) That tripod with the legs thing really does work!

Debbie said...

i'd love to live in asheville. sounds like you had a wonderful time. =)

MK Hennigan said...

The company I work for has a license agreement with the Biltmore and I was able to enjoy a lovely stay at the Inn and dinner in the Champagne cellar on the estate during a Sales Meeting this year. Loved it so much I took my family there too. We stayed this time at the Grand Bohemian, check it out next time. Have visited the Biltmore many times as a child and it has been a great experience to see it through my work eyes and also through the eyes of my children and my ROCKIN' new Nikon D90. Travel safe.